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Length of foster needed

Summer 2024-Fall 2024


Domestic Shorthair


11 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication
  • Special Diet


Poteet, TX


Hello, hello!
This handsome senior is Jarvis! I am looking for a temporary foster from Summer of this year till Fall until his parents establish their permanent home. I have only had Jarvis for over 1 year and have fallen in love with his sweet/sassy personality. Since having Jarvis; he is indoors only, was previously housed with 1 miniature Dachshund who unfortunately passed away at 17 years of age. I believe Jarvis would benefit more if he was the only pet especially with having Diabetes. His previous family neglected him and had not taken him to a veterinarian in years, so now he is being managed great with his daily Insulin and prescription diet. Due to not seeing a veterinarian in a long time; Jarvis does have to have Gabapentin prior to his appointments but will not fuss over the medication as long as it is given with a Churu! Jarvis spends his days watching Cat Tv on Youtube or watching out the windows, long naps, cuddling with his mother especially while she's trying to focus on her school work. He is a chatty kitty especially when approaching feeding time, he LOVES to chase his toys, especially crinkle-like ones, using his scratching post. He is trained very well using his litter box, not picky on the type of litter, he just likes having a cleaned box at all times. He does have brief episodes of "zoomies" late at night and will chase his toys, he also LOVES playing/rubbing in catnip!
He will also be seeing his veterinarian prior to leaving Virginia and will have his most recent bloodwork updated. His parents will be re-locating from Virginia to San Antonio, Tx. I hope as well to be able to visit Jarvis as long as it is approved from his foster, and if needed, I will be more than happy to assist with his veterinary appointments, I have experience in the field and am on my way to being a LVT. *I will financially provide his medications, prescription diets, veterinary visits, necessities, anything he needs/requires, it will be covered*.

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