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Belgian Malinois Shepherd, Dutch Shepherd, German Shepherd, Mixed Breed (Large)


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Topanga, CA


Meet Mazzy ♥︎.

Mazzy is a shepherd mix (we think) who is around 2 years old. I rescued her from a shelter a few months ago on her last day at a kill shelter.

My intention was to foster a dog, but when no rescue organizations could help me foster Mazzy, and it was her last day, I decided to pick her up myself. If I hadn't come for Mazzy, she would have been euthanized that day.
(SEAACA in Downey, CA only keeps animals for a few months before euthanizing them if they're not adopted.)

Mazzy is a character! She is a big lover and a big goofball with BIG energy.

I live in a studio guesthouse without an enclosed yard and have a busy schedule, so I am definitely not the best furever home for Mazzy, although we are quite bonded.

She needs a yard with a high fence and SPACE to run and get out energy, and a more consistently active lifestyle than I can give her with my schedule.

Mazzy is a sweetheart when she feels safe in an environment, but definitely will require an experienced parent(s) who are familiar with working breeds.

Mazzy loooooves to snuggle and is extremely loyal.
She is potty trained and does well alone for several hours.
She does get anxious while I am in the same room as her and not paying attention to her. We just started working on crate training and are seeing a lot of progress.
Mazzy does have some triggers we have been working on with a trainer. She is quite reactive to dogs and bikers while on a leash, and very protective of any barrier, whether the walls to my house, or the fence at the dog park.

Once in a safe, controlled setting, Mazzy plays happily with other dogs and other humans. She is still learning social skills and has to be monitored while off leash with other dogs (if another dog is aggressive, she sometimes engages, she can be protective gates when dogs enter, and sometimes she tries to play too rough with older or mellower dogs.)
She has done well at a socialization yard at a local doggy daycare center, on playdates in friend's yards, and at dog parks while monitored (there have been minor scuffles but nothing crazy).

Mazzy is definitely not ready to be offleash in public or on hiking trails, as she is very high drive and can get triggered by dogs, rabbits and squirrels, and is EXTREMELY fearful of bikes and motorcycles.

The shelter didn't know Mazzy's backstory. She was found wandering as a stray in Bell Gardens, CA and brought to the shelter in early October. She was put in an outdoor kennel alone during her stay at the shelter. My guess is that her barrier protection worsened during her traumatic stay there.

Mazzy is a sweet, special girl who definitely requires a lot of play, attention, and training.

In working with her myself, she has learned basic commands (sit, stay, paw, place, down, come). She is a good girl!
However, once she is activated by a dog, biker, or human somewhere in the distance, she does not respond to commands even with treats. This is the edge we are starting working with with our new trainer, and where we hope to keep seeing improvement.

Even though I am not Mazzy's furever home, I have been inspired to give her the very best care during our chapter together, and am devoted to setting her up for success with her perfect family.

Mazzy would do well with a family who is willing to put in effort with her, give her plenty of love, mental stimulation, and healthy discipline and structure. Be ready to have her bond with you and see you as her sun, moon, and stars!

I think Mazzy would do great with a dog sibling to keep her occupied, as long as we confirmed they get along and are at a similar energy level.

I am so in love with this pup, but me and my tiny home are simply not equipped for her needs.

I would be overjoyed to see her go to a great home, and would love to stay in her life to any capacity.

Please reach out with any questions or inquiries.

Thank you!!!!!

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