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Domestic Shorthair


3 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


San Diego, CA



Looking to rehome my cat immediately. His name is Oliver, he’s a light orange tabby but if I could guess I’d say he’s domestic short haired with a little bit of bengal in him. He was born in September of 2020 and was rehoused to me in August of 2022.

In full and complete transparency the girl who rehoused him to me ghosted me when I asked for his medical and original adoptions records, so sadly I have no further information to pass on to his next home beyond what I know, and as a result I’m making sure to make this post as thorough as possible with every last detail that I can list about him so his next home is as informed about his behavior and health as possible!! Much more than I ever was when I adopted him!

I have found that the only health thing to report is directly tied in with his food. His previous owner told me he had many UTI’s while under her care but she also only fed him dry food. Once I got him, I transitioned him over to a wet food only diet and he hasn’t had a single UTI while under my care! I usually give him wet food 2 times a day and I add water to it and mash it all up together to ensure he’s hydrated because he really does not drink water on his own. I tried a bowl of water that I’d change daily as well as one of the little water fountains but he would pass on both. Occasionally he’ll drink out of the sink but even that is a rarity, but ya he’s never had a UTI with me so I think just wet food with added water is the key!! (I started out giving him the “Wellness” brand of wet food and then the prices went up so I switched to “Nulo Freestyle” brand and he gets about 3/4 of a can per day)
Beyond that he has had absolutely 0 health issues or concerns under my care. He’s a super healthy boy :))

Behavior/ Personality:
Part of why I think he has some bengal in him is yes, his unique stripes and spotting, but also because he’s definitely a very vocal guy and lets you know what’s up! He’s not walking around meowing for no reason, but lets you know when he wants to play by bringing you his toy and talking to you, as well as will talk when he is hungry, and/or bored. He definitely greets me with many hellos when I come home as well! In terms of behavior I think the main thing to note is that he doesn’t do well with closed doors. He definitely likes his autonomy and the freedom of coming and going from rooms as he pleases. He’s been known to stand outside of closed doors and cry relentlessly as well as paw at them or try to open them himself. He would definitely do best in a home without roommates (where there is an inevitability that doors will be closed sometimes) and where doors can mostly stay open so he can come and go in rooms as he pleases. Also in terms of his desired autonomy, he doesn’t love being picked up for forced love, but if you let him do his thing, there is no doubt that he’ll come curl up on your lap or snuggle you in bed. He definitely likes to snuggle me at night, but how he does so changes with the seasons haha. In summer he’s either on top of the sheets laying on my toes or just above my head, laying on my pillow. In the winter he prefers to be under the covers with me curled up as my little spoon. He’s a BIG purrer, and will definitely let you know when he’s happy. He especially loves really big fluffy soft blankets, and with the right one will relentlessly make biscuits. I have a ridiculous amount of plants in my house and the only times I’ve ever had problems with him eating them are if he’s hungry. Actually, I should say the only plant I’ve not been able to keep in my house because he will eat it no matter what was a little grass plant, he will absolutely eat any grass like plants in one sitting haha but beyond that, as long has he’s fed he doesn’t touch any of my other plants. He has his mischievous moments where he knocks crystals off my windowsill or my headphones case off my bedside table, but they typically only come when he is bored and demanding my attention. If he’s been well played with and fed he really doesn’t get into trouble, like it’s not something he does frequently just because, it’s 100% correlated to wanting my attention if I’m in the same room and working or something like that.

Quirks and other random things I love about him:

Some of his quirks include chasing/attacking his own tail or aggressively cleaning it. He LOVES chips and anything crunchy so be prepared for him to run into the room and tell you to give him one if he hears you open a chip bag. He is so so on catnip, I haven’t been able to figure out what makes him like it or not, it totally depends on the day. Some days he can’t get enough, and others he couldn’t care less about it. He LOVES the little natural treats from trader joes that look like brown goldfish, I’ve been using them to train him to come, sit, and stand. His favorite toys are shoelaces (any strings for that matter) and the fishing rod toys that come with the feather and worm attachments. He goes absolutely crazy for either of those, and will also chase the laser from time to time, he’s just a smart boy and i think gets bored of it if it’s the only toy used. I have a window seat for him in my room which he adores and is where he spends most of his time napping. He has a little mushroom standing scratching post that he LOVES. Some other random things that I found when I first got him are that he will sniff out and break into cigarettes and ~mushrooms~ so if you have either in your household make sure to quadruple bag them or just make them very unreachable. His past owner must have been a smoker because a friend came over once and had a pack of cigarettes in his backpack and Oliver had a full cracked out moment when he sniffed one out. Just things to be aware of!! I really wanted to train whatever cat I got to be on leash and go on little walks with me and Oliver really enjoyed them when we’d be in quieter places but I live in the dead center of a city right now and all the cars scare him, understandably, so I started taking him to the beach I live by instead and he loves it! Oliver has lived with two other cats before and after maybe a week or two of hesitancy, befriended both and would frequently be caught snuggling and cleaning them. He also lived with my partner’s poodle puppy for about four months and although they never got close, he wouldn’t attack or hurt her, just usually make a groaning sound and run away if she got into his personal space.

Why I’m rehoming him:
I absolutely ADORE Oliver and if I could keep him forever I would, no questions asked. The only reason I’m looking to rehouse him is because there definitely are some things that I just genuinely cannot give him that I know he deeply wants and needs. The first is that he so badly wants to be able to go outside if and when he pleases. He adores being outside in the sun and just rubbing his back on cement haha and I would absolutely let him be an outdoor cat but as I mentioned above, I live in a city between 3 busy streets which are extremely unsafe for a little sitter, and on top of that my landlord has a strict only indoor cat policy because of how many of her past tenants outdoor cats have died while living in our complex. I love Oliver too much to risk him dying just to let him outdoors. The second reason I’m rehoming him is because I do live with roommates and as a result there frequently are closed doors in our house which he just gets really frustrated by. His previous owner wouldn’t let him in her room at night and I think it traumatized him/just stresses him out a lot and although he does sleep in my room with me, I can’t force my roommates to leave their doors always open so it just causes him noticeable distress. Finally, I got a cat originally because I absolutely adore animals and have always had pets of my own, but I do also work and am a student so I needed a more independent pet who wouldn’t be so anxious if I was gone for periods at a time in a day. If Oliver was able to go outside, I think this would have been a perfectly fine arrangement, but when he was left home for longer periods of time, he’d just get so bored and I could tell was so unhappy and that just made me so sad, he deserves to not be bored all day and to have a fun life. It’s taken me a while to come to the conclusion of accepting the fact that he deserves a new home because selfishly, I am so in love with this cat and wanted to keep him around, but it just hit a point for me where it truly breaks my heart to know what he wants and needs and to not be able to provide him with those desires, so for his own good, I’m really hoping to find him a home that’s not in a city where he can run around outside and be stimulated as he pleases, as well as somewhere where he can maybe be the only cat and the star of the show to get all the attention and love that he desires when he so chooses :)

In a perfect world, his new family would be open to staying in touch with me so I can check in on him from time to time and just make sure my buddy is thriving, and also so I can share the thousands of photos and videos that I have of him with his new family! Also, since I don’t have any documents of his to provide I’d love to be a resource for his new family to reach out to with any questions in terms of how to navigate him so he can have as smooth and stress free of a transition as possible!!

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