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1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Albany, OR


We rescued this Calico Cat in January of 2024 just before that Winter Storm and freezing weather. She showed up on our property about a week before the storm. After about 3 days, I decided to go out and call her towards me. There was no hesitation, immediately she came running and began rubbing up on my legs and talking the whole time. I could only imagine what she could be saying, but I'm pretty sure she was telling me how happy she was to find someone that could help her. As I knelt to get a closer look at her, I could see she had been injured. Her poor ears were bloody, damaged, and almost ripped completely off. It was tough to tell if it was from burns or from a horrible cat fight. On top of that she was thin and hungry. I knew at that moment she needed someone to help her and to take her in for a bit.

She obviously had a home at one time. She was so kind, and I believe she came from a home with at least a Dog because she wasn't fazed by my dog at all. She walked with us to the barn where I was able to make her a comfy area to rest. Soon after making her a bed, I brought her out food and water. She inhaled the food for about 5 days every time I fed her. She was starving to death. Poor Girl.

We kept her for about two weeks and decided she needed a name, so, what else could we name her but...."Cali"?

Our Mail Lady (Kelly Morrison), agreed to help her find a Forever Home. She took Cali home to her place where she could have her own warm room to sleep, get interaction and begin to heal. Kelly has spent hours trying to figure out how to help this beautiful girl. She began with Safe Haven, then went to vet clinics armed with small posters I had made for her. We even listed her on Facebook in case someone was looking for her. A great thing happened during this, one vet clinic has agreed to look Cali over for Free to give us a better idea of her health and hopefully answer some questions. Is she spayed? Is she micro chipped? Is she pregnant? How old is she? And an idea of her overall health. So, this post will be updated with more information once that appointment has been completed.

Both Kelly and I agree, that if we didn't already have so many cats and dogs already, we would keep her in a heartbeat. One night Kelly decided to open her bedroom up to Cali and see how she would act during the night. Kelly was so impressed by her manners. She said that Cali jumped up on the bed, came up to her chest to be petted and purred for a few minutes, then quietly found her spot on the bed and slept the night away. How precious is that! Makes me sad to think she must go through any of this to find her Forever Home. With her willingness to love, I believe that she would fit in with anyone willing to show her that same appreciation for a little needed companionship.

Cali seems to have come from a home where she was cared for and happy. As far as what has happened to get her into this situation can only be speculated. Was she just left? Did her owner pass away? Did she get in a fire and was frightened? Or did someone just decide to drop her off out in the country and let her fend for herself? Whatever the backstory, we really would like for her to go to a loving, caring, understanding Forever Home.

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