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Mixed Breed (Large)


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


Seattle, WA


Maasti is our first: we had spent weeks searching for a dog to adopt and, when we walked into Maasti’s room at the Seattle Humane Society and she immediately jumped into our laps, we knew we had found our match. Since then, we have watched that little, excited puppy grow into our vibrant, wacky, loving, energetic goofball: a dog who seems to have a dream about running every time she falls asleep, who demands to be let into the covers to snuggle with you on cold mornings, who will lay out for hours bathing in the hottest summer sun until you force her to come inside to put on sunscreen, who tires herself out from excitement when meeting a new person, collapses on the floor, and then gets riled up again as soon as she remembers that new person is still there.

When she was a puppy, we struggled to keep up with her limitless energy. To help, we adopted our second dog: Chusti. At first, Maasti was obsessed: as Chusti was becoming acclimated to her new home, Maasti would constantly come up to her and bring her toys and lick her face. Eventually, the two settled into a rhythm: Maasti, the tolerant older sister and Chusti, the rascally little sister.

As Maasti has gotten older, however, the dynamic has shifted: while Chusti continues to look up to her sister, always excited to play, more and more Maasti has withdrawn, preferring to play with us or be alone. As Maasti’s puppy energy has dissipated, it’s become clearer to us that she would prefer to be the only dog in a house, surrounded by people who can be focused on her and her alone.

This isn’t easy to write: it’s heartbreaking to me that I might not get to see Maasti grow old. That I might not get to snuggle with her on lazy weekend mornings. That I might not get to see her searching in the mud endlessly, excitedly for a ball right in front of her face. That I might not get to see her spontaneously rolling on her back when she’s hoping to get a rise out of me, her pink underbelly exposed to the air and her tongue lolling in her mouth.

But another part of me knows that this might not be the best home for her. That she might be happier in a home filled with people who are focused on her and only her. A home with a large backyard where she can run endlessly until she finally collapses in the oppressive heat of summer. A home where, when the sun finally sets, she can be called in to snuggle next to someone waiting on the couch with an open blanket and the attention and love that she deserves.


Maasti is well-trained, great with kids, loves her ball, and is good on walks.

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