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Labrador Retriever, Shiba Inu


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


Tacoma, WA


Max is a handsome and sweet 4 yr, 4 mo old (estimated DOB 12.2.19) boy that was picked up on the road in Texas and came to live with me, and his similarly aged female pup sister, at the beginning of November 2020. He is designated as a Lab and Shibu Inu breed and is about 65-70lbs. Max loves to go for long walks and to snuggle up on a lap for a nap. He willingly goes and lays on a bed for the ‘before work’ treat but he does have a history of abandonment issues so may bark when left at first. If I take his sister out without him then he does bark, but that rarely happens. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or being left alone. He mostly just grumbles at loud noises outside but will bark at a delivery or another pup walking by. I’ve found that leaving the blinds closed during the workday keeps everything calmer. He may jump on you when you come home from being away awhile but hardly ever does anymore. It took him a few weeks to warm up to me at all and then a couple months to trust me but now often asks for a good snuggling and likes to wake up slow by crawling into your lap or onto the bed with you. If that’s not in the cards then you can always give him a stand-up rub down and cuddle-coo with face kisses. He wants to go for long walks every day but will just settle onto the couch with you and nap if that’s what’s on the agenda. He also loves to sit at a window or on the porch and watch the world. Max is a very sweet boy who loves to share toys with his sister, playing tug and chase, and will let her boss him around and take toys and bones from him. He would fit good with an active person who took him out of the house often and gave him lots of attention. I think he would fit in fine with another alpha, hopefully one that is nice to him, and definitely would fall easily into ranks with another(other) sweet one(s). We did stay with some young kids once and he has a great temperament and was safe but did knock one of them down while running zoomies in the yard. He is a bit older now and getting chiller, as we all tend to do. He loves to mouth and has learned to just bite hands, mostly gently until he forgets as he gets worked up while we play. He will roll on his back and kick around, mouthing your one hand while you pet, hug, and wrestle him with the other. I believe Max would thrive with an active individual or in a busy household where there are multiple people and lots of things going on. Max is a healthy boy who has been neutered and chipped and is up to date on all vaccinations and flea/tick medication. He does take a daily allergy medicine which runs about $62/mo but note that the need for this is subjective based on where and how he lives, his environment. Max comes with a crate/kennel which he loves to sleep in as he likes to curl up on top of a cuddler bed or pillow, if you won’t let him stay on top of you that is. It is also a safe place that he can go on his own and that you can safely leave him if needed. He also comes with all other gear that he needs and some treats and food for transitioning. I am not asking for any money as I only have needs for his happiness. I am seeking a safe and fun environment for Max where he gets plenty of attention and snuggles.

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