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Sedro Woolley, WA


We have reluctantly decided to rehome our dog Willie. He’s a good boy and we love him very much but after working with trainers and our vet for a couple years, we have determined that our home isn’t giving Willie the opportunity to be his best, happiest self.

Willie is a 90 lbs 3 year old Lab/Mastiff/Catahoula mix who was adopted along with his sister in April 2021 when they were 8 weeks old. He is a sweet, obedient boy who wants nothing more than to please his humans. He is, however, insecure and needs a dog-experienced owner who he can look to for consistent, confident and encouraging guidance. We believe he will thrive in a calm home without other pets or children, where he can get the attention, structure and continued training he needs and deserves.

Things we love about Willie:
-Willie exudes sweetness. He loves pets and has a big open mouth smile whenever he is happy and relaxed.
-When he plays, he bounds around like a big goofy oaf. He is a lower energy dude and enjoys lying in the sun on a nice day
-He is very trainable and wants to please his humans. He has received many hours of training by us and professionals, knows many commands and is generally an obedient boy.
-Willie is loyal, protective and a good judge of character. He loves everyone we’ve introduced him to but can sense when we’re uncomfortable. We have mailmen, delivery drivers, workers, friends, family etc who come by our property all the time, and we have never had issues with him acting aggressively towards them.
-Willie walks very nicely on leash and understands the “heel” command. He is trained on our invisible fence, good in the car and crate trained.

Behavior challenges we’re experiencing in our home:
-Willie intermittently instigates fights with his dog sibling over resources. He has bitten her a handful of times during these fights, but she’s never required stitches or more involved medical care. He does not resource guard with us, and we respect his space and resources to keep it that way.
-He is insecure around our cats because they don’t respect his personal space. Although he has never hurt a cat, we don’t fully trust him around them.
-Willie has some touch sensitivity. He has never bitten anyone, but he has growled or snapped without contact while being pet a handful of times. We have learned to read his body language and avoid petting him in certain situations, mostly when he’s laying down.
-He has shown some fear reactivity when introductions weren’t handled carefully. We live on rural acreage so he’s had little interaction with other dogs.
-Our trainer and vet both agree that his behavioral challenges are likely to improve in a more suitable home environment.

What he needs in an owner:
-A calm home without cats, other dogs or children
-A good sized yard. He would need practice and patience to get used to a neighborhood environment.
-An experienced dog owner who is confident and has owned large breed dogs
-An owner who can read subtle dog body language
-An owner who is willing to continue his training

Willie is up to date on his vaccines, and has a history of consistent medical care. He is neutered and generally healthy, other than a few ear infections and a possible food sensitivity (we feed beef and lamb food).

We’re committed to finding the right home for our sweet boy. If you think that might be you, please send an e-mail telling us why you are interested in Willie and your past experience with owning dogs.

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