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Mixed Breed (Medium)


9 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Belgrade, MT


Bloke is a 9 year old (estimated) male medium sized dog. We adopted him from an animal shelter in early September and we quickly nick-named him the LoveBug! We adopted both him and his breeding mate because they had lived together and she was very fearful without him by her side. While we don't have papers or know any of their history - they look much like Australian Shepherds. Unfortunately, the dogs previous owners had died and the shelter had very little information on them. I am going to be very transparent in this post about Bloke's areas of concern because I want his next home to be able to be his forever home!

Bloke is an absolute lover. This old boy acted like a puppy and had so much energy and excitement his first couple of months with us. He loves people and loves cuddles. He absolutely loves to go for walks, loves to go for rides, and loves the dog park! Unfortunately, Bloke is also struggling with a lot of anxiety and some unpredictable behaviors. He needs an experienced dog owner who can work on some long term behavior modification training to help him gain confidence and overcome a lot of his anxiety. He growls at the other dog that we brought home with him. He unfortunately, ripped up a lot of the floor of his kennel and other things around his kennel, and eventually broke his kennel so he is no longer staying in a kennel while we are gone from the home or at night. He is on prozac for the anxiety and we also use a plug in pheromone for him. He does have a recent bite history - he bit me in the face, unprovoked and with no warning signs. However, it was as minor as bite with punctures can be...healed quickly and easily. We recently had another close call with Bloke snapping at my 5th grader, again, unprovoked and no warning signs. However, my son moved fast enough and did not get bit. Unfortunately, Bloke gets nervous with training and commands and often has submissive urination. He also struggles with some incontinence in addition to the anxious peeing. The area of the home where he can roam should probably be carpet free so to make cleanup less intensive. While he had never struggled with leash aggression in the previous four months that he has lived with us - he recently attacked a dog who got loose from their owner and came running to us while we were on a walk at our neighborhood park.

Bloke is an amazing dog and my boys and I are completely in love with him. However, because I have kids who act like kids and then bring more kids over, we are not the safest home for Bloke when he is having so much anxiety and unpredictable behaviors. He needs a calm and peaceful home with someone who has a very patient and calm demeanor and the time and resources to really invest in some behavior modification training. He should not live with children or other animals due to his unpredictable behavior.

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