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Mixed Breed (Large)


3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


vancouver, WA


we took her into our home as a temporary foster to get her out of a situation in which she was abandoned by her previous owner. We feel she hasn’t had a lot of care in her life as far as training or good nutrition. She was pretty skinny about 40 pounds when we got her. Her ideal weight is probably around 50 or so but she’s been a good eater and doing great so far. She’s modtkt potty trained now and does go potty on the potty pad the rest of the time, but mostly those have been if we’re not home or at night otherwise she’s doing really great with that. She’s also learning how to walk on a leash and making good strides using the gentle pull collar but she does pull very hard and she will need someone to train with her leash reactivity. when she first got here she barked a lot, but this is increasingly getting better over the last two weeks and only has a couple episodes a day of barking. She’s does have an anti anxiety med that can help her with the transition into a new home. She was pretty nervous when she got Here and was pretty timid but she’s coming out of her shell and showing what a loving, affectionate dog she is. She loves to cuddle up. Give kisses give you her paw and sit on command. She’s a lovely dog with the right owner that can dedicate some time to training her she’s going to do great. Also, she’s good with cats and our other dog and I feel prefers a home where she has this companionship, I don’t know how she is with children because I do not have young ones, but she has never nipped or bitten us and she’s very patient with my adult son who has autism. . we have gotten her into the vet twice now and she has no health concerns other than the anxiety but I feel like that’s going to get much better with a forever home. she likes to run and play so a yard and an active lifestyle would be ideal. apartment living is not ideal for her. can you take this sweet girl who needs the love of a good home? she will have to go to the kennel soon if no placement is found which will be the worst for her.

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