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Mixed Breed (Medium)


3 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Cary, NC


best fit for YOU if you:
– would have a blast training (tricks, agility & obedience) an extremely intelligent, athletic, and food-motivated dog!
– want a sweet & adorable couch cuddle buddy!
– want a loyal companion who loves to be with you all the time!
– don’t want to go through house-training or basic obedience, and want an already well-behaved crate-trained dog that doesn’t bark a lot, have accidents, dig things up, bite, steal food, or chew things up!
– want an engaged dog who communicates clearly, has a real personality, makes you laugh & who your friends love!

best fit for HER if you:
– are a single person or a couple
– have a stable schedule & are good at being consistent in routines
– work from home (or have the budget to take to daycare most days)
– have low anxiety
– have a fenced-in yard
– have the time for daily walks & training & play
– are willing to stay engaged with training her on walks (having patience with being leash-reactive to dogs) + are okay not taking her to over-stimulating environments (busy parks, breweries)
– BONUS: you already have a dog of similar energy level who needs a play buddy!

Healthy, up-to-date on all shots and medication, and already comes with a crate & all other supplies!

We didn’t know a lot about Farah’s personality when we adopted her, and are hoping that now we’re better aware what she really needs, we can find the perfect home for her! She would be the perfect dog for us if we didn’t have kids & had a less chaotic schedule!

She is actually great with kids (we have an 8 & 10 year old), but what she WANTS is to be the baby ;) and have her “person”. She’s so super loyal, and just wants to hang out in the same room as you, sit on your lap, get her loving! A couple would be fine as well – she is super bonded with both of us. However, you’d have to not mind her interrupting you a lot! If we are hugging in the kitchen, for instance, she will come and stand right between our legs! When we want time alone together, we will put her outside with a chew like a bully stick, because she gets anxious being shut out of the room if her ‘people’ are in there – may whine and scratch the door. For us, we realized we need more independence and privacy. But it’s also absolutely adorable, if you’re into that sort of dynamic! 😆

And she LOVVVES consistency. Exactly at 8:30am she’s waiting by the door for her walk, at 12:00pm she waits by the door for her sun nap, and a few minutes past 5:30pm she’ll be following you around wondering why her dinner is late!

Farah cracks us up every day... She has cute quirks like loving to bury her head underneath pillows, blankets, or in the nook behind your back! She communicates really directly, coming up & looking you in the eye, leading you to where she wants to show you!

She’s adorable to play with, because her reflexes are crazy fast & she can jump SO high. She loves tug-of-war, some wrestling/mouthing play, and playing with a ball or other bouncy object (kong). She’s more of a hunter than a fetcher, and prefers what I call a “small animal!” ball play, where I kick it around on the ground for her to catch (rodent!), or throw/bounce it up in the air (bird!)! She’ll ‘fetch’ short distances if she’s really feeling playful, but prefers it if I’m psyching her up, ‘faking’ throws, keeping her brain guessing!

[Note that it took a couple months adjusting / bonding before she got into playing with a ball with us. At the very first she only really like tug of war with her favorite ‘elf’ chew toy. However we weren’t told much about her personality, so hopefully this info will help you transition more quickly!]

Farah is so fun to train, and is *extremely* food motivated! The second you pull out treats, she is at FULL attention, and willing to WORK for it! If you like training + coming up with more & more tricks & games for her to learn, you will have a blast with her!! We have also done a little bit of agility, and she’s super fast & a strong jumper, so would probably have so much fun doing more of that.

Commands Known:
- “Stay”
- “Come”
- “Sit”
- “Down”
- “Stand”
- “Break” (training done / leave position)
- “Leave it”
- “Take”
- “Search”
- “Give”
- “Look” (look at you in the eyes)
- “Wait”
- “Let’s Go”
- “Slow” (slow down when walking)
- “Leash” (stay still while leash is attached or collar adjusted)
- “Touch” (touch your hand, including if jumping into the air!)
- “Twirl”
- “Crate”
- “Jump”
- Figure-8 through legs
- Food manners (sit by food until released to eat)
- Door manners (sit by door until released to exit)

ACCIDENTS: not an issue
She has peed in our house 3 times in 10 months. No #2 accidents. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason, just maybe one off situations where we had left her alone for a lot longer than normal, and we were off of our routine!

She’ll usually bark at someone outside the door if she can’t tell who’s about to come inside, or if she hears a knock (actually happy with that decent guard dog quality!). Stops once we let someone in, as she’s eager to meet them! Has never has barked at people or dogs indoors. When we leave her to hang in the backyard, she may intermittently bark at animals or neighbors. If I leave her outside to hang out, I might check on her every half an hour because she’s barking at something – but often it’s not at all!

When we first adopted her, she got nervous & would bark at the blender & the vacuum. I used treats to accustom her to the noises, and after a week or two she was 100% over it.

BITING: never
She is so gentle! We do a little mouthing play for fun (she is hilarious and loves when I just grab one of her teeth and pull on it!) but she only does that with people who initiate it. Have never had her bite anyone or anything else.

CAR RIDES: not an issue
She is totally fine in the car; sometimes gets nervous to jump in, but no other issues once in the car. Previous owners said she used to be more nervous & had to lift her in, but I got her over it with treats and training (so possible that nervousness may reoccur at first if adjusting to a new home).

CHASING: strong + improved greatly with training
Fiests are bred to chase small game, so this will probably always be in her blood! She’s trained the ability to listen to the command “leave it”, or to obey her other commands with an animal in the background. We are pretty good with squirrels now; rabbits are harder but she can still maintain training even with just a couple dozen feet of distance.

Again, this has happened two times in 10 months; in the first month of being with us, she bit up one rug, and then a few weeks ago when we were really off of our routine and the house was messy and we left things all over she got found chapsticks & ate up 4 of them! once we left the house for a day with a trash bag with half a turkey breast in it, full turkey breast in it, and she didn’t touch it all day

DIGGING: not an issue
She’s dug a hole twice, once in our yard & once at a dog park... Again, I think it comes up as an excess energy thing if she’s not getting enough exercise and interaction. But it wasn’t hard to discourage the behavior when it came up, she stops if I tell her to!

JUMPING: mild / reduced with training
For brand new guests, it’s common for her to jump up once or twice, but we tell people to turn around / ignore her, and the behavior stops. Also if she’s not getting enough interaction & energy out, she may jump up on us when we get home from being out, but again just once/twice if she sees you ignore the behavior.

She has one good dog friend, and they are hilarious together – the rottweiler is 2-3 times bigger than her, but Farah can run faster, so she loves to get her chasing her around (she can never catch her!)

We have family members in another section of the home that have a small king charles cavalier, they are friendly to each other, but mostly indifferent because that dog doesn’t like to play.

And he is used to going to daycare once a week + does great there! We did trials at multiple locations, and they all loved her (can add pics of her ‘report cards’!). They put her in the low energy group, because even though she likes to run & play-fight, sounds like in the larger group environment she is more subdued.

The issue is just “leash-reactivity” with new dogs. It seems like it’s mix of excitement (tail upright wagging), frustration to have a leash pulling & keeping her from meeting the dog (will growl & bite at the leash), and socialization anxiety (nervousness, hair raised on back) – which can display as lashing out as the other dog / acting aggressive. However we’ve had the trainer & multiple daycares say that it’s just nervous defensiveness until she trusts the situation, she’s not truly an aggressive dog. One daycare also told us it’s common for black dogs to have more trouble meeting others at first, because the other dogs can’t read their facial expressions / body language as easily!

On walks, what we do now is stay on the other side of the street from other dogs and do training/tricks with treats to keep her focused & engaged while the other dog/s pass by, and it keeps her from getting activated – she’s made so much progress!

PULLING ON LEASH: challenge + much improved with training
Leash pulling was the main reason I reached out to a dog trainer within a month of adoption. Where we’ve landed is, #1 she knows commands to stay by your side / look you in the eye when we’re on short leash (‘work mode’!), and #2 I use a longer leash (~20-ft) so when we’re not ‘working’ she has flexibility to not accidentally pull. She gets very energized by new situations & locations, so the extra length lets her run back & forth & sniff & get out that energy + it’s enough length I can generally keep walking without stopping. She’s also more responsive now (especially when you’re consistent with training) and knows “wait” & other commands if she gets to the end of her line & is pulling again.

Farah is unlikely to ever be a ‘sit under your chair at a brewery’ dog. We are very active, so wanted to be able to go out, go to parks, hike, etc. It’s possible she could get to where she’s going on hikes in the woods! But when there’s lots of people /dogs / other animals, it seems to just be an area of anxiety she doesn’t know how to handle (yet), and her energy gets more & more activated by those environments, where she’s racing around, pulling on the leash, and not listening to commands. So be aware it may just be something to avoid if it causes stress!

Though she may jump on them at first (see above!), she loves people! All our friends who meet her say she’s so sweet & gentle & loving.

We’ve never seen her around cats before... Don’t know what else we may be missing here, any other questions please just ask!

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