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Willow and Harley

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1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

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  • Unknown



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  • Behavior Concerns


Lafayette, IN


I have two Labradoodles, their names are Harley (Sneaky Pete) and Willow. We call Harley Sneaky Pete cause if you are not paying attention, he will grab stuff and run off with it. Sometimes he will tear it up and sometimes he will just leave it laying somewhere for you to step on later. Willow was born 9/19/22 and Harley was born 10/21/22. They have the same father and their mothers were sisters.
I adopted them from a man who raises dogs for disabled children. I have recurring breast cancer and have been through multiple surgeries. I was hopeful that my mom who is 80, and myself, at 60 could love them and give them a good home. Over the time that they have been with us, it has become clear that they need more exercise and room than we have to offer. I have had to get a second job because of all the medical bills and so I am not home enough to really give them the attention and training they need. My mom, loves them but because of their size and her age, it is not working out as we had hoped. She has already gotten knocked down once when they were playing. I don’t want her or them to get hurt.
I have tried to do some training, but with my cancer treatment and work schedule, it has not really been possible.
They are both attached to one another and I want a family who will love them both to adopt them. I have given this a lot of thought and I know that it is what is best for them. In my heart, I want to keep them, but I know that is not the best thing for them.
They have been spayed and neutered, have all vaccinations that are due to date. They were seen at 4 Precious Paws in Lafayette for those surgeries. They were started on heartworm and flea prevention. They weigh about 65 and 80lbs.
They have not had much exposure to children. They bark at things that are new to them. Harley tends to back away from children and bark at them. Willow tends to bark at noises and movement.
They have done some chewing of things as puppies but that seems to be getting better. It is important for this transition to be successful that they are adopted together.

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