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Mixed Breed (Large)


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns
  • Medication


Lakewood, WA


Beanie is the most joyful dog I have ever lived with. Her morning greeting when she sees a person awake reflects her 20 percent husky in vocalizations that make me laugh every day. She is an easy keeper with who is happy to hang out or to go places. She is a star at the dog park, loves to meet and greet, and sometimes play polite chase with other dogs, and shyly approaches some strangers with ear scritch requests. With people she knows, she is happy to snuggle up close or chill out in the vicinity. She has the softest coat ever! The shelter estimates she is 4 years old. She has puppy energy when something is going on, and adult dog chill when we are hanging out.

You may have heard the news story in early November- A Mason County man was found 12 days after his death, and 9 large dogs were alone in the home for that time. They were quite fearful, and seemed to have no experience in the world outside of their own home and yard. The Humane Society in Tacoma agreed to take them, and we agreed to foster her. She was extremely shut down initially, and then for quite some time, shy but friendly and joyful, emerging from her crate and going back to it if she felt uncomfortable. We decided to adopt her, and she has continued to make really nice progress in getting comfortable in our home.

The challenge: Beanie is reactive to visitors in our home. If we carefully manage their arrival, bring Beanie into the vicinity when they are seated with some food scatters, and tether her in the middle of things where she can see the action but people can avoid going near her if she is aroused, she settles nicely. Since we have frequent child visitors, guests who stay for a week at a time, and frequent expected and unexpected visitors, we have decided that the period of working through this is not tenable in our home.

The sad thing for us- and the great thing for her long term person? Beanie is showing every sign that she is very likely to work through these things successfully. If there is not a trigger stacking situation, she does better and better each time she is exposed to something new or difficult for her. There are no guarantees in life, but it seems likely that with some time she will do great. She definitely has an “I love everybody” temperament.

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