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Black Mouth Cur


5 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Naples, FL


This is Maximus (or Max). I rescued him from a local shelter back in 2020 when he was 2 years old. I have had him for almost 4 years now, and he has been the most easy-going, low-maintenance pet ever. Max enjoys cuddles and attention but can be left alone and by himself for extended periods during the day. He spends most of his time sleeping during the day. Since I rescued him, we have not had much success in socializing with other cats and dogs, so a single-animal household would be best. He loves kids and people and has never had any problems. I have taken care of Max in an apartment during our years, so a backyard is not necessary as long as he gets his daily walks! He loves his home and people and is not an escape artist from the house. He walks very well without pulling. He will start to pull if he sees another dog or a rabbit, but in general, an obedient dog on the leash. He is a very relaxed dog and would be the perfect companion.

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