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American Pit Bull Terrier


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Pleasant prairie, WI


Nova is such a great dog and I am very attached to her and heartbroken that I have to find her a new home. She needs to be a lone pet.

She has all vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, heart-worm free (on preventatives), Lyme negative, SWEET, gentle, loving, athletic and fun!

Unfortunately her and her sister have "litter mate syndrome" and can no longer live together due to the serious altercations that they continue to get into. I rescued Nova and a few of her siblings from a backyard breeder when she was 9 weeks old. She had a very rough start in life and deserves someone who will spoil her rotten with love, care, and commitment. If the safety of her and her sister weren’t at risk, I would never be rehoming her.

I have tried everything to prevent this heartbreaking decision but I can’t watch Nova and her sister not live to their full potential. This is the hardest decision I've made, to re-home her.
But Nova deserves to live her best life!

She was born 11/06/2021. She is house trained, crate trained and she is NOT aggressive with food. Nova knows sit, lay down (means bedtime and to go to sleep), stop, drop it, come here, and kisses . Her favorite song is L.O.V.E by Nat King Cole. She will sing to the entire song (it’s the trumpets). She eats Fromm dog food and does AMAZING at the local boarding kennel whenever I have gone out of town. She is a heavy chewer with bones, but does not chew up stuff in the house. She LOVES cuddles and always has to be lying against you when she’s sleeping. Nova is GREAT with people. She is 65lbs and is well behaved on a leash. She is very active and would be great for someone who has that kind of lifestyle. BUT, if you want to take it easy, Nova can be very chillaxed.

Nova is very nosy, and always wants to know what you’re up to and where you’re going. She is always down for an adventure and would be perfect for someone who loves to hike, camp, etc.

She hates rain, but loves snow. She does get chilly easily since she has thin fur, so I have gear for when winter comes around.

All toys, beds, crate, jackets, leash, treats, bones, heart-worm medication, a new bag of Fromm dog food, etc.. will be included.

I am not looking for money to re-home her but a GUARANTEE that she will be safe, committed to, and loved.

Your landlord HAS to approve of her breed.

PLEASE reach out with ANY questions that you may have.

If you are interested, we can schedule a time for you to meet Nova, a.k.a Novie.


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