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German Shepherd


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Medication


Tacoma, WA


The longest and loveliest, Mabel is still young at 4 yrs old (born 4.10.20), is a slender girl at around 70-75 lbs, and shows her excitement with wiggles and kisses. She jumps up when greeting you from being away but is mostly good about not jumping on. She will do circles around you after coming in from the yard or upon your exit from behind the closed bathroom door, and will run back and forth in the house while you are preparing meals, until you’ve had it and tell her to sit that is. She can be reactive and generally will respond with rigidity but is learning that she does not need to fear. She will be vocal with unidentified/new noises or when there is a delivery and will bark at other dogs going by, but is learning to ‘listen’ and ‘watch’ and quiets down quicker if asked to with the industrial spray bottle, filled with water, in hand. I have found that leaving the blinds closed, while I am gone during the days, keeps the mood much chiller. She is very treat-motivated and loves to be on a schedule and be a helper, next to you all day if you let her. She loves to lay next to you on the couch, on your thigh, and be pet and snuggled but since she is so long, will move off to curl up or stretch out to the side, eventually. She sometimes gets worked up and jumps about but can be calmed anytime with belly rubs and shh-shh-shhhh’s – also hugs, face snuggles and kisses and coos – once she knows and trusts you. Once her needs are met, she is happy to lay down and chill. She does best with a daily walk or loves to run and play in the yard but mostly just wants to be with you. She would thrive being the only animal in a household with older children or teenagers and adults but, I think, would also do well with another alpha GSD/similar breed that gives her attention and that she can make happy. She does act very alpha to her Lab-mix brother and is always correcting him but I believe that to be mostly due to him coming to our family after her. She gets jealous of the attention he gets (even with careful evenness) and must be corrected to share and sometimes to be nice. For this reason, I do not recommend having her in a home with small children unless she is not left unattended until trained and adjusted to her new people. She is a sweet and amazingly beautiful creature who is growing up to be quite the little listener as she is incredibly intelligent and just wants to make you happy and to be adored. Mabel is a healthy girl who has been fixed but not chipped and her dewclaws have not been removed. Sometimes they can catch on crocheted blankets or similar and tear/cause bleeding at the nail so paying attention to her surroundings can help keep this from happening. She is up to date on all vaccinations and flea/tick medication. She does take a daily allergy medicine which runs about $70/mo but note that the need for this is subjective based on where and how she lives, her environment. Mabel comes with a crate/kennel for sleeping that is 55”x36”x45”high, big enough for her to stand up and stretch out. She rarely sleeps in it now but it is a safe place that she can go on her own and that you can safely leave her if needed. She also comes with all other gear that she needs and some treats and food for transitioning. I am not asking for any money as I only have needs for her happiness. I am seeking a safe and supportive environment where she is given attention and treated with patience, gentle but firm correction, and love.

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