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3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Chickens
  • Dogs
  • Horses
  • Large Livestock (cows
  • Livestock
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Port Townsend, WA


Heart is a 3 year old, spayed, and vaccinated Great Pyrenees mix.

Her ideal home would be a large property or farm that is well fenced. Preferably no kids under 10, though my experience is she is fine with kids when properly introduced and supervised. She'd be happiest with another dog or dogs that are young enough to enjoy romping and wrestling. She'd also love a home where she can go inside at least some of the time and get love and cuddles. Bonus if there is a woodstove...sometimes she will lie right in front of it and just stare at the flames for a couple hours. She's super relational and loves to connect and get belly rubs.

As her name indicates, she has a heart on her forehead, and it's very telling of her core personality.

She has an amazingly easygoing and happy disposition. She spends most of her time wagging her tail, especially when around someone she loves her who also loves her. She's a total cuddler and would love nothing more than to get endless belly rubs and lie next to you on your couch. She's met 100s of people on our land, and won most of them over very quickly.

She loves to play with other dogs, especially chase and wrestling (I'm going to miss her racing around with my dog and tiring her out!). My dog can get snappy with her at times, usually when Heart is trying to get near me, and Heart is amazingly patient and tolerant and just lies down until our dog calms down, then Heart gets back up and comes another couple feet closer, and repeats until she gets to me. She's great with cats and also somehow gets into our chicken yard regularly and then stands there and can't figure out how to get out...but never hurts the chickens.

She's easy to walk offleash...I know because when I take my dog for a leashed walk (leashed at least on the paved road parts), she often tags along the whole way - even when we go out for several miles. I've never tried walking her on a leash, so not certain how that would go. She also loves to play ball, though not so much the bring it back part.

And then the challenging:
She's an escape artist and has either gotten out of her collar or snapped any leash I've tried tying her with...and loves to wander widely around the neighborhood, classic Great Pyrenees behavior. She also likes to dig, but stops when I catch her and tell her not to, and amazingly, hasn't done much if any damage to our extensive gardens (just a bit to our lawn). She's also pretty sneaky (side effect of being so smart!)...she ate an entire deer liver off our counter once and I regularly have to go to her owner's place (~.25 mile down the road) to retrieve my dog's stolen toys.

She is sometimes scary with kids under 8 or so...they make her nervous at first and she'll charge barking and while she's never done damage or actually hurt anyone as far as I know, I've seen her nip at kids (usually when my dog is not around to intercept). I've also seen her do the same thing to one super tiny dog (the only exception I've ever seen...otherwise she's fantastic with dogs). My experience has been that her sensitivity to kids could be trained away with some consistency; if I introduce her to one or more kids in a calm way with lots of treats, she gets used to them and is fine thereon out. Same thing if there are a bunch of kids around, then she just ignores them...but if there are just one or two kids and she hasn't been familiarized with them, then the behavior appears.

She also barks at visitors when they arrive on our land, but most people recognize that it's just barking, not aggression. That said, some of my neighbors do experience her as scary when she is barking at them or visitors on their land, and I have seen her be this way a couple times when a person for whatever reason made her nervous (in these cases, it's the same behavior as with kids, nervously charging and trying to nip). It's definitely possible she would be more nervous and thus intimidating to people on land where doesn't feel as safe and loved.

She also does the usual guardian dog barking when she hears something while she's patrolling outside, especially if she's left out at night. She never barks when she's inside at our place, though.

Why is she being rehomed? Because her owner is older and doesn't have a fence and neighbors are extremely upset that Heart wanders on their land and scares some of them. I'm the closest neighbor and thus she spends lots of time at our place, and I've fallen quite in love with her, hence why I'm helping her owner rehome her (he's not super computer savvy). If you are interested and seem like a good fit, I'll connect you directly to him. Heart is an amazing being, and if we had a fence and the capacity for another dog, I'd take her in a heartbeat so really want to find her the perfect spot.

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