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American Shorthair


1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Oakland, CA


Gorilla is a young cat who was originally a stray in my friend's back yard. He was fed by multiple neighbors in the area and known to many to be a sweet kitty. One day, I saw that he was injured so I took him to the shelter, then brought him home. Unfortunately, we live in a small studio and do not have the time or space for his big personality. I do not want to release him back to the yard or stick him in a shelter because he does not do well in a shelter environment. )-:

He is a very playful, loving, and sometimes sassy cat. Many would describe his personality as more like a dog's - he loves food, chases balls, follows you everywhere, and can be very clingy. I think Gorilla will do better with someone who is not a first time cat owner and is patient because he can be annoying sometimes. While he loves attacking feet and hands (which needs to be trained out) and can sometimes have an attitude, I can assure you that he is not aggressive or mean. He does not have any severe health issues that I know of but he does have chronic conjunctivitis that may come back that you will need to watch out for.

This is not the kind of cat to get if you just want a chill cat that leaves you alone the entire day. I have a feeling he has the potential to have a really strong bond with someone - someone who will be his best friend forever and ever and ever.

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