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German Shepherd


5 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Guinea Pigs, Rats, Or Hamsters
  • Horses
  • Large Livestock (cows
  • Livestock
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Queen Creek, AZ


I had gone to Pinal Co. Animal control to look at another dog that was not a good fit with my small older dog. Walking with it back to the kennels I saw Kia (as I named him) with sad eyes in a kennel with 2 others in May of 2023.
He was brought in as a stray but people had been feeding were calling him Hugo. He was so kind and gentle I wanted to give him to chance to bloom as a foster. He slowly came out of his shell with the assistance of my friends and truly is a incredible boy.
If you to look up the definition of true family dog, you would see a picture of Kia. His kind, gentle and his loving nature shines through in every setting. Be it playing in the yard to watching over them while they sleep (or using him as their pillow) he has had sleep over play dates with my nieces 4 daughter's 18 months to 11 years old and loved every minute of it, although he did ignore the hamster they were trying to show him.
When my Aunt comes to visit, he waits patiently until she is seated and calls him, never being pushing about seeking the bellyrubs he knows she will give him. It's as he has a sixth sense and adjust to everyone around him.
He has lived with dogs big (rottie of 110) and small (my toy australian shepard) who weighed 12lbs) and most recently my friends annoying 6mth old cattle dog. He has always greets them sweetly and is more than happy to go with the flow. Being your one and only would be just fine by him too!
There are only three things about Kia that I have continued to work on.
1) Men must have not been kind to him in his life as it can take him a bit to warm up to them at times. He has no bad behavior related to it, but seems more comfortable with women and children when having a first interaction.
2) Fireworks absolutely terrify him. Although I am very aware this is common, I do want to let you know I found it helps to give him CBD treats to help with his anxiety during the those times.
3) He did not know how to walk on a leash and he still wants to remain very close to you when you go for walk but has come miles from when I first brought him home.
He loves to go for rides in tbe car and happily jumps right in. I have never gotten him to get the hang of the doggie door. However, he has never had an accident in the house and will wait for you to get home for however long it takes!
Although he was never been around cats,or chickens, with proper introduction, I can't imagine him bothering them. For a shepard, the only prey drive I've seen is when ground squirrels or bunny's invade the yard, then he will give chase to see who is the fastest.
Kia looks forward to his month day spa when the groomer comes and is a gentleman eight down to getting his nails trimmed.
For meals he is on a straight dry dog food but he does love his treats and takes them so gently. You can take his food away or as when the pupply tryst to steal it, there is no resource guarding, simply acceptance, that it will return.
It is time for Kia to go to his forever home with a family that he can call his own as he is so deserving. I don't know his full story, but I would bet it involves fireworks.
Please feel free to reach out to me and I am more than happy to answer any addition questions you may have. I'd love for him to meet you!

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