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Mixed Breed (Large)


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Las Cruces, NM


Meet Mondo - The Energetic Gentle Giant Ready for a Forever Home!

Are you ready for a burst of joy and endless energy in your life? Look no further than Mondo, our lovable and spirited large dog who is searching for his forever home!

About Mondo:
Mondo is a male dog, full of life and enthusiasm. His vibrant personality makes every day an adventure, and his love for playtime is contagious. He gets along wonderfully with other dogs, making him the perfect addition to a multi-pet household.

Ideal Home:
Mondo would thrive in a home where he can channel his energy through interactive play and outdoor activities. A family or individual who enjoys long walks, playdates, and has a bit of space for him to stretch his legs would be ideal. Mondo is eager to learn and is currently working on curbing his excitement when meeting new people.

Playful and Smart:
This handsome boy is not just a bundle of energy; he's also a quick learner. Mondo responds well to positive reinforcement and is on the path to becoming a well-mannered companion. With a bit of training and consistent guidance, he will surely become the perfect furry friend.

**This animal is a foster with the ASCMV and all adoption processes will be fulfilled by us at our facility. If you would like to adopt them, please contact the ASCMV at or call us at 575-382-0018**

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