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Miniature Pinscher, Mixed Breed (Medium)


3 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Stuart, FL


Solar is an adorable mixed breed with a big personality in a little package! He's seeking an experienced and loving home to share his joyful and interactive personality. He's about 3 years old, weighs just 32 lbs, and is full grown - people say he looks like a mini Rottweiler, and are always surprised by how small he is compared to how he looks in pictures.

We have had Solar for 1 year. We adopted him from a shelter I volunteered with that was overflowing to save a life - his life and the one that filled his kennel after him. We barely knew him, but took him in to train, care for, and "foster" long-term until he was ready to move on.

For a while, we thought we might make it work for him to stay with us permanently. However, my husband and I live and travel full-time in an RV and work from the road. So we see a lot of new people, places and things, and while he LOVES car rides and sleeping on your lap, it's the part once we're parked that doesn't quite fit.

While we don’t know specifics, we know Solar came from a rough situation before us, as he can be fearful of new things and reacts to some strangers - especially if they move quickly, make loud noises, or lift a large object - and most new dogs, especially large black ones.

Fortunately, we've discovered that once someone becomes a part of "his pack" he loves them like family. Even other dogs: they just need slow introductions so he can see he has nothing to worry about.

Solar also LOVES to work and train, and we have been working on redirection when encountering new things, which he responds very well to.
He is very treat- and food-motivated, and he has never shown any food aggression.
He is clicker trained Sit, Down, Shake, Spin, Turn, Up, Wait, and Touch. He will also "Come" most times…if he feels like it ;)
He is potty-trained, walks very well on leash, and is also trained to "muzzle" for visits to the vet or any other high-stress situations.
He is also crate-trained for sleeping at night and naps. He happily goes in with the word “kennel” and some treats, and then seems relieved and relaxed.
He has not destroyed anything in our home but his toys, which he plays with vigorously and wears out over time.

He should not be in a home with cats or small animals as he has a high prey drive. However, if you have a farm and need help with mice, rats, or squirrels, he would be excellent!
Due to his unease around sudden movements and noises we think he shouldn't be in a home with small kids. But he LOVES to play, is King of the Toys, and would probably do well with more mature children.

Once you are "in the pack," he is an absolute delight. He loves tug of war, fetch, chewing bones, and goes crazy for squeaky toys and flirt poles. He is an athletic and energetic dog - I think he would do amazing at agility if given the chance! He gives gentle kisses at the cutest moments, loves to flop on your lap, and is hands-down the best snuggler I’ve ever known. He loves movie nights and binge-watching TV shows, and preferred to be either on top of you or snuggled up as close as he can be.

He loves his doggie sister, although he likes to play a little rough and loud. She sometimes has to put him in his place but he gets over it well.

He really is a great dog, and if we were stationary, his fear of new things would not be an issue for us. We’re hoping to find him a home where he doesn’t have as much change that triggers his reactivity on sometimes a near daily basis - that’s not fair to him.
We’ve managed it well enough for the last year, but our lifestyle and business will not be changing anytime soon, and we think there might be a better home fit for him out there.
He is neutered, and UTD on his shots, as well as HW/flea/tick preventative. He would come with all his belongings.

We love him and hope we can now help him find his forever home!
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