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Short Coat Chihuahua


6 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Temple Terrace, FL


Jonathan was recently adopted by our family.

He loves to play fetch with balls and/or stuffed animals.

In a household of 4 humans and 3 additional animals he clings to one person. He is a one person dog for sure and that'll be his best bud. He is definitely a lap dog in the sense that he'll literally lay in your lap all day if you allow it. He burrows in his sheets to get cozy and snuggles under his favorite human at night. He is a great car riding companion as well and does well on long trips.

He isn't fond of leashes, although he will allow his trusted person to quickly snap it on his collar. He may have some traumatic past with leashes. We adopted Jonathan from a local shelter and they couldn't easily get a collar and leash on him, but he does tolerates it here with us. He will still get anxious when being leashed. A fenced yard would be ideal since you wouldn't have to walk him on the leash.

We unfortunately need to rehome him because he does not get along with our three cats. Also although our 6 year old twins adore him, he unfortunately does not feel the same about them lol. He plays with the kids, but will get snappy with them at times. Jonathan is best suited as either an only pet or a sibling to a dog similar in size to him. He'd be better suited for a home with older kids, if any at all.

He also seems to have a trachea issue some Chihuahuas have. It causes him to cough after drinking /eating/or exerting himself too much.

He needs potty training, but possibly urinates more frequently in our home to to marking his territory since there are 3 cats here as well.

Jonathan is small, but mighty at around 5.5lbs. He's grown on our family, but we can't risk the negative interactions with our kids and other animals (cats).

We are trying this option in hopes we don't have to return him to the shelter.

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