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★★★ MOOSE ★★★

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Great Dane


1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


Charlotte, NC


TIME SENSITIVE REHOMING - 15 month old (born September, 2022) unaltered, blue and fawn, male Great Dane.

Unfortunately, my friends have to rehome their pup. He is SO very loved, I would take him if I could but I already have three large breed dogs and it would not be a good fit for him or for them. I'm honestly so heartbroken that we can't keep him "closer to home"... it is time sensitive, as they are moving and don't know if they can keep him past 1/31 and will have to take him to a shelter if he's not in a new, even if just temporary/foster, home at that point. This has been a very difficult decision for them, and I and their parents are trying to help them with the rehoming process since they are in the middle of moving their family and are distressed over the decision, even though they believe it is what is best for him. ❤

★ Location: Charlotte, NC - owners are willing to travel up to 3 hrs

★ Neuter procedure scheduled for February in Charlotte

★ He grew up with cats and does very well with them, historically

★ Hasn't been socialized with many dogs, but plays often with a six month old goldendoodle puppy and gets along GREAT with him. Fairly submissive, as a matter of fact.

★ No signs of resource guarding (ie food, toys), but he is territorial with his owners and their property

★ SO affectionate with the people who care for him. He just wants to love and be loved.

★ Needs a home willing to work on socialization and reactivity

★ Loves to frolic, but has spent most of his outside time on a tie out - he DESERVES a fenced yard, farm, and/or owner who is willing to exercise him regularly (I can't speak to his leash/walking manners)

★ Full disclosure - he has bitten before, but nothing ever requiring medical attention. It is reactive in response to fear or the unknown, he is not an aggressive animal by nature.

★ Skin allergies - identified chicken and grain as the culprits.
I think this is where his reactivity/biting started, because he was very sensitive to having his ears and other highly sensitive parts of his body touched when his inflammation was at it's highest and the vet was diagnosing the allergy. It has decreased since his food was switched (he is on Kirkland Beef & Sweet Potato).

★ Currently free feeds throughout the day

★ We WILL NOT rehome him to household with children younger than 10 years old. My friends have a two year old and his unpredictable reactivity is part of the reason they're rehoming him.

★ The breeder will not take him back. I don't know their reputability, I know must reputable breeders have a return/buyback policy but apparently he's not interested in taking anyone back.

★ No shelter will take him because we are disclosing his bite history. Some have said not to disclose it, but we don't think that's fair to whatever foster/furever home he goes to... nor is it fair to him, since we want him to get the resources he needs to be more confident and less fearful/reactive.

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