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Great Dane


4 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Tucson, AZ


Admiral ("Addy" we've been calling him) is a gorgeous, smart, snuggly sweetheart. He was adopted from PACC here in Tucson in mid-December 2023. He had been underfed - was 120 pounds, is now around 130, and probably has an ideal weight of 140ish (vet confirmed). He is housebroken, knows his basic commands and learns new instruction quickly. He is terrific with all people he meets, and great with my 13 year-old. Always wagging, once he takes a few curious sniffs, he goes back to lying down. He sits (often preemptively!) while waiting for leash to be put on and food to be put out. Admiral is a classic “Velcro Dane” when you want him to be, and takes instruction to relax elsewhere when you need space, though he loves being generally near his people. Whenever we’re gone from the house, he simply lies by the window and sleeps/watches until we return. No destructive tendencies observed or experienced at all.

He gets along great with and goes along with the puppy-ish antics of our sweet runt two-year old terrier/labradoodle mix. They met at the shelter and played immediately. She is the ‘dominant’ one, in spite of the humorous size difference.

On that note however, Addy has shown fear/anxiety stress-based aggression responses to larger dogs, particularly if those dogs are excited/barking/pulling towards him/or signal they need space. His history prior to adoption is unknown. Especially given his size and strength, these episodes have been concerning in that he will need loving patience and persistent training to get him to a place of comfort and appropriate (human) comfort with regular engagement with other dogs. It is recommended that he go to a home where he is the only dog (or if there’s a small dog, maybe), one that is familiar with owning (amazing) Danes (as ours was), and ready to work with him on this important growing edge of his (which is completely doable). I will readily share more specifics on the few incidents that have occurred that demonstrate the need for patient training to whatever previous trauma he brought in that trigger these responses.

Sadly for the prospects of keeping him and being able to do this ourselves, life circumstances have shifted dramatically and unexpectedly since mid-December. A baby is now on the way, and my partner and her two dogs will be joining households with us sooner than later. As difficult as this decision is, it’s the best for our family, given our lack of capacity, time, and the need for Admiral to get the space and time he needs to more fully integrate with other dogs (also, 4 dogs in a smaller house would be…a lot even without a new child on the way).

For the right person/family who adopts him, I will happily provide the large dog bed(s) Addy’s been using, along with food bin and remaining food/treats and leash/gentle-leader we use for him, along with the brief medical records and notes we have.

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