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4 Years




Medium (20-40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Rancho Cordova, CA


My dog's name is Bruce and he is a male medium-sized Husky. He is four years old, weighs 40-45lbs, and he is currently not neutered. He is not as up to date with his vaccinations however I can get him up to date with his vaccination prior to his take home date/meet date.

A family member brought him home one day, with no notice, and assumed that I would be responsible for him. They then left with the dog in my assumed care. Since then I have been taking care of him. I am currently a college student and I have to migrate to transfer schools soon. Due to that, I do not have the funds, time, or place to give Bruce a comfortable life that he deserves/needs. My family and I are also going through financial changes so it would be difficult to fund for his needs as well. We tried to keep him for as long as we can when he was left with us but we are ready to rehome Bruce to a loving family that can meet his needs as a husky. I am now limited in the amount of time and care that I can provide for him and his quality of life will suffer because of that.

He is a vocal dog. He's vocal when he greets people and he loves walks. He listens well with treats and just needs more training than what I was able to give him. More exposure with recall and other dogs/new people would be helpful. He's an independent husky and he loves sunbathing, people watching, and just being involved. He is normally off leash in our backyard. Our backyard faces a park so he loves watching people walk by and is attentive to his surroundings. He's a sweet companion and I think others will love him the same if they give him the time to adjust.

He is a wary but curious dog as well. He needs time to get accustomed to the environment and people that he is in. He tends to be anxious when put in an uncomfortable situation so he will nip or snap if pushed to the edge. I learned this because he had a small injury that made him more uncomfortable than usual and snapped/nipped me which broke a small amount of skin. Unfortunately he is not good with dogs due to a dog fight that involved him, however no dog sustained any injuries but I do believe that is where his anxiousness with other dogs stemmed from. He specifically is more anxious with black large coated dogs. We were not able to socialize him much growing up as well. However, I believe that with time, patience, and training he will play with dogs once again like he had before.

He is both house trained and crate trained. He knows that he is not allowed on, such as beds and couches. He knows the basics of sit, stay, down, wait, left it, paw, high-five, etc. He also knows some fun key words like “water” when he’s thirsty, “treat”, “this way” while on walks, “walk” before going out, ''go to bed'', etc. He also loves doing zoomies in the backyard.

It is unknown how he acts with kids since he was not exposed to children as much growing up.

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