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Simon and Samuel

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5 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Needs To Be Only Pet



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Steilacoom, WA


Meet Sammy (5-year-old, very rare male calico) and Simon (11-year-old tuxedo). They are both microchipped, fixed, and UTD with their shots. They have and need to keep their claws. They are both in wonderful health including perfect teeth - aside from needing to lose a pound or two (their current human can't say no to them) and will come with full records from their vet.

They enjoy an appetizer of tuna a day (but could lose a few pounds so this should be reintroduced later) and are free-fed Purina One Sensitive Stomach. They will come with their favorite cat fountain, but also need to have a water dish. They will also come with their dishes for appetizers and food. They also have a favorite tunnel/bed and super soft blanket they will keep.

Sammy: outgoing, needs all your attention, and to be in your lap at all times. He has an adorable little chirl meow and enjoys long conversations hearing you tell him how much you love him and he does the faintest meows at you requesting you to please tell him more. He also goes by Samuel but is mostly called by his nickname, Love Bugg. Sammy will enjoy anything as long as he is your focus. He is even great with car rides if you talk to him and reassure him he has your undivided attention and love. He will even leap in the swinging egg chair if that is what it takes to stay glued to your lap.

Simon: he wants you to be with him and greatly prefers for that to be in bed. He loves the bed. He will stay in bed for 22/24 hours a day. His nickname is Panda and he's referred to as our home's moral compass. He will get between any animal or human that he feels is being unkind to another. He got in front of me once when I was trying to get another cat in the crate to go to the vet. I was more focused on the task at hand and wasn't present for how the kitten was just too scared. Simon pounced (without claws) on my back and I took a few deep breaths, thanked him, and coaxed the kitten out with treats. There was another time when a cat was attacking me (we foster) and Simon jumped between us to protect me. Simon is virtuous and centered. He will knead at his blanket for 15 minutes twice a day. Simon will meow while doing this and his meow is deep and determined. He enjoys you talking to him throughout the day and petting him. He is very affectionate, but no cat has ever been as affectionate as his mate, Sammy. Simon prefers scratches and conversation.

They will both scratch the sides of your bed if they don't have adequate cat scraters.

Both of them are excellent with other cats and kittens but have a jealous streak to them and want someone to focus on them the way they want to focus on their human parent. If you have a smaller home or just a studio, they may even prefer always feeling like they are with you. They haven't been around small kids or dogs. I think they would be fine with a mellow dog that doesn't take away from any of your attention.

These two will make you understand that lying around in bed all day is one of the most important ways to spend your time. They have no interest in going outside, which is perfect because Simon's white ears make him susceptible to skin cancer if he is outside too much.

I am their foster parent. Their previous parent, I did not meet but he very reluctantly gave them up due to financial hardship. They were never adopted, I think due to the lack of descriptions and pictures by the local shelter. I went ahead and adopted them when the shelter's approach was not working after a year. I would happily keep them forever if I didn't have my cats and I don't want to be a hoarder.

While I'm selling them for free, the cost for them will be that I get to know you enough to feel confident that you will love and spoil them too. I request pictures of you, your home, and lifestyle. I want to know if you have other pets. I want to be able to picture them in your life. They could be great in many different spaces as long as they have lots of attention and love. I am asking that you:
1. Send me pictures of them throughout the years so my heart is at peace that they are happy.
2. Never declaw them because that negatively affects their overall health and balance.
3. Promise to let me know if it doesn't work out for any reason, so I can happily take them back.

Thank You!!

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