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Beagle, Mixed Breed (Medium)


11 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Special Diet


Bradenton, FL


Hi, everyone! My fiancée and I are looking to rehome our 10.5-year-old beagle mix, Sadie. We rescued her in April 2023 after her original owner passed away and she was shelter-bound.

My fiancée and I rescued her with the intention of giving her her forever home to live out her golden years, but also told her family that if things didn’t work out, we’d find her another home. We looked at it as an adopt-to-(hopefully not) foster situation due to the urgency of her needing a dog-free, safe space.

When we adopted her, I was home all day while looking for work after our move to SWFL for my fiancée’s job. I expected to land a fully-remote position and planned to hang out every day with Sadie, but instead landed a primarily in-office position in St. Pete. Suddenly, her buddy she’d bonded with was gone all day most days. :(

The reason we are looking to rehome is because we believe she is stressed and lonely being home alone during the work week.

The primary indicator: she started having accidents in the home when I started my new job. We have taken her to the vet twice and had blood work, x-rays, etc. done and nothing physical that would indicate these frequent accidents was found. We walk her 4-6 times a day (yes, even on work days) to hopefully curb her accidents and supply her a pee pad ever since her accidents started.

Sadie is the sweetest girl who loves treats and belly rubs. She had some kidney concerns prior to her rehoming, but is in good health now that she is on her Hills prescription k/d diet. (The food is working!)

Sadie would do best in a home with no dogs (she is dog-aggressive) where her owners are home most of the time. While she may not like other doggies, she LOVES and completely respects cats. She has been so kind to our 3 kitties and has never snapped. We would be unsure of other animals, but we know that other dogs are for sure a no-go, while she does great with cats and adults.

Really, we think all of her issues would be solved if she had a cuddle buddy to hang around with during the day. When she’s not cuddling, she goes and finds a nice place to lay. She just enjoys company in her general space. According to her previous owner’s children, Sadie NEVER had any accidents. Leading us to believe that she simply misses her retirement-minded buddies who like to chill. (Trust us, we love to chill. However, we have 30+ years before we can hang out ALL DAY if we want to haha.)

However, make no mistake, she can be a energetic senior if given the opportunity (i.e. playtime). She is also EXCELLENT in a crate for bedtime (she loves to be put to bed) and rarely barks in the night.

Sadie would come with EVERYTHING we have bought her including her prescription food, crate, orthopedic bed, toys, treats, shampoo, collars/bandanas, leash, etc. Sadie is also signed up for a years-worth of services at Banfield Pet Hospital; we will gladly cover every month through September of next year.

In exchange, all we are looking for is a comfy home for this sweet girl that can give her the time/attention/training she needs. Please message me if interested. 💛 Will travel ANYWHERE in Florida.

Breed: Beagle Mix
Sex: F
Spayed?: Yes
Up to date on shots?: Yes
Weight: 55 lbs
Size: Knee-height
Age: 10.5 years
Barking Level: Is reactive to “bumps/thumps” and other dogs barking outside. We live in an extremely busy, dog-heavy apartment complex, hence our findings haha.
Health Concerns: Nothing of note from the vet. Often throws up after drinking water. Has house accidents in recent months with no medical explanation; believed to be behavioral. Will need experience in caring for dogs with anxiety-induced accident issues.
Notes: We will not be crating her all day as some have suggested. We plan to take her to the vet once again for anxiety medication. But regardless of the accidents, Sadie needs a home with someone there most of the time. It’s not the best life she could be living for her here with 2 youngins in the career trenches. But anything is better than the shelter.

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