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2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Port Saint Lucie, FL


This is Bear. Bear was purchased to be a pet by my (ex) stepdad less than two years ago when he had moved back in with my mom. Bear has been dealt an incredibly unlucky hand in life. Originally in a home where he was showered with love as a puppy by a little girl who deeply loved him, Bear has been living almost entirely crated for the last year and a half. Bear was abandoned by my (ex) stepfather with my mother, brother and I. He has had next to NO training, NO interaction, very little positive encounters, and he has been neglected and abused in this home. He is a very sweet dog, but because of how he has been handled so far by those around him, in tandem with his going un-neutered, I’m worried for his future. Rottweilers are incredibly headstrong dogs, and are typically natural leaders. However, Bear has, again, had no training, little positive interactions, and he has gone almost entirely unchecked, leading him to believe he can act how he wants with no repercussions. He does know how to break out of a kennel, and attempts to keep him in have seen the entire front plate of the kennel torn off. He typically will only try if he knows there is no one either A) paying attention, or B) home to intervene, and when he does, he will mark up the home in at LEAST seven to eight different spots. He will let you know he has to go, though, unless he knows he can free himself with no effort. Despite this, he is a very sweet dog, and especially with people. He just wants to love and be loved, and my heart has broken for this dog a thousand times over. He gets along well with other dogs, big or small, so long as they are not overwhelming or threatening. My Australian Cattle Dog is not friendly with him at all, and I have had to keep them separated since I first moved in, because Bear has been attacked by him only two or three times, but a lot of times that is all it takes for negative interactions. He will surely need to visit a vet to get re-ups on his vaccines. He does have double cherry-eye as well.

I’m only looking for the best possible homes for Bear. He deserves someone who is going to give him the of day to learn how to be a dog, and a good boy.
He is going to need a home with proof of history and experience with his breed. If you have any questions, feel free to text me here: (786) 491-4736

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