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Manx, Russian Blue


9 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Lakeville, MN


Meet Levi, a charming feline companion in search of a forever home. Rescued as a tiny kitten nine years ago, Levi is a smart and playful guy with a heart full of love. His favorite pastimes include playing fetch with toy mice, swatting around a ball, and embarking on curious explorations.

Though Levi is an indoor cat, he has ventured outside on a leash, showcasing his adventurous spirit. Described affectionately as a "big lug," Levi's affectionate nature shines through once he establishes trust. Initially shy around new faces, he transforms into a head-bumping, leg-rubbing, and cuddle-loving companion once comfortable.

This handsome feline is a Manx and Russian Blue mix, boasting stunning green eyes, striking blue fur, and a characteristic short tail—a testament to his unique heritage. Levi is deeply bonded with his adopted sister, Michonne, and they must find a loving home together.

Levi is up to date on all vaccinations and health check-ups, ensuring he's in the best possible condition for his new family. Unfortunately, a severe cat allergy in our child has prompted this difficult decision to rehome Levi and Michonne.

Ideally suited for households with older children or adults, Levi adapts well to other pets with gradual introductions. Otherwise, he is best suited as just a duo with his sister in the home. If you're ready to welcome a social, loving, and playful duo into your life, consider bringing Levi and Michonne into your home—they're waiting to share their hearts and make lasting memories with their new family.

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