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Mixed Breed (Large)


3 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Behavior Concerns


Tacoma, WA


OVERVIEW: Bailey is a fun, playful dog who loves going on adventures but is also so happy to cuddle up to his people or settle on the couch. He’s a dog with big energy and containment needs, who needs people who can work with him to keep his world open.

Why we are seeking a new home: With three teenagers experiencing mental health challenges, we don’t have the capacity to help Bailey overcome some of his ‘quirks’ keeping him from his best quality of life. ‘Quirks’ include his ability to jump fences and reactivity to some dogs.

Snuggability factor: Bailey is a super-snuggler! He’s content to curl up on the couch, at my feet under the desk, or at the bottom of the bed. He loves to drop his heavy head on your lap and sigh contentedly.

Manners: Bailey is receptive to training. He’s made excellent progress with basic effort and would excel with concerted training. His kennel training and calm demeanor would make a great office dog.
Doing well: treat-taking and food; sit; willing and calm kennel use.
In progress: down, stay; window barking; jumping up in greeting or in play, consistent loose-line on walks.
Needs work: heel, ‘go to place’, pulling on walks toward some cats or dogs, counter/table-surfing when unattended.

Dog-relationships: Bailey gets along with many dogs and has done fine at a boarding kennel free-mingling. He loves our older dog, although his desire to play sometimes overrides doggie manners. A younger dog might love his play bids! (…our old girl is 13).

He seems to have a bit of dog reactivity developing…as an early and newer response, research suggests it is something that can be worked through with some solid training. We are seeking a home that can make this commitment.

Human relationships: Bailey seems to love all people. In home, community, and office environments, after greeting people, he sits or lays calmly. With his playful energy and size he might push some off balance. He’s been extremely tolerant of what our three teens have dished out but we have not seen him interact extensively with small children.

If he sees one of his pack roughhousing he becomes distressed and seeks to engage in the tustle - perhaps in protection mode, but has resulted in nips to the ‘aggressor’.

Security: He will need a home with a tall, non-chain link fence, or a roofed run. He sails over our 4’ fence, and once scaled a 6’ chainlink.
Bailey’s deep bark and size are a reassuring deterrent when people are at the door or out on a solo walk.

Energy Needs: Bailey is a big dog with predictably significant energy needs, although neighborhood walks can satisfy for a few days. He’s a GREAT hiking partner — his tail wags and wags on hikes, and with training could be a terrific running companion.

He also benefits from playing with his people in the home, daily chews and he LOVES his squeaky toys.

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