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Mixed Breed (Large)


0-1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Older Children (12+)
  • Needs To Be Only Pet
  • Unknown



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None
  • Behavior Concerns


superior, MT


My dogs had puppies and I can't handle 5 dogs. He's been to a vet once, got his rabies vaccine and parvo shots. He was born April 20th.

If you're interested in this handsome little guy, I am willing to do almost anything and everything I can to make the transition of homes as easy and smooth as possible. That being said, for pretty much 95% of his life so far, he's just been here at my house and yard. So him just meeting someone new one day and then going with them to their house would be very difficult and might even make him distrustful and not feel safe.
The closer someone lives to me (Superior, MT) the easier this would be, but I think him meeting someone a little at first and getting to know them and getting comfortable with them first would be ideal. I don't care if someone would wanna try and get him to warm up to them for a little while in one go, or if someone would wanna meet up and let him get to know you over multiple visits.
Whenever he does have a home though I was planning on sending a harness, his collar, a toy, a bone and a blanket from here to make the transition easier so he can still smell familiar smells and what not.
He's completely potty trained. He's ok with his nails being clipped, I made sure to play with his feet and his littermates feet a lot while they were puppies. He does need to be brushed every once in a while since his hair is a little long. He's had a few baths and behaves pretty well for them. He's been on a few walks too. He's very anxious while out on walks. All the moving things especially cars and just being in unfamiliar places make him anxious. Getting in cars freaks him out a little since the first car ride he went to the vet but also was car sick halfway there and most of the way back.
He knows how to sit, lay down and how to shake. He doesn't have puppy energy like his brother and sister. He was an extremely mellow puppy. he likes to paw at you or rest a paw on you when he wants attention or to be pet.

I really wanted to keep him, but as him and his siblings reach sexual maturity. He has become more reactive to them sometimes. And that on top of having 5 dogs is just to to much. He doesn't try to fight with them constantly or growl at them constantly. Just sometimes over food or toys, or sometimes it seems over nothing to me. But I can usually always tell when hes probably about too get snappy with them cause he eyeballs them really hard. He hasn't snapped at his dad at all he absolutely adores him actually and weirdly since his dad Guts doesn't seem to like him as much.
They all still sleep in the same room together with me and haven't started fighting while I've been asleep.
When I leave for work I do separate him from his two siblings. He willingly goes in a crate and doesn't freak out.
He's not reactive towards people at all either, but he also isn't consistently meeting new people or going out a lot. But he doesn't act in a way towards me that worries me at all, I can take food, treats and toys from him, I kiss his face and stuff. When he does growl and snap at his brother or sister while I hang onto his collar he doesn't react to me at all. My dad comes over sometimes to see all the dogs and he doesn't react to him, but the dogs might just see him as the treat man cause he always comes with bones for them.
All that being said about him around other dogs, he could probably live with another dog, but still have to be separated when home alone. He hasn't been around small children at all. And I'm pretty sure hell just chase cats and any animals same size or smaller. It'd probably be the most easy though if he ended up in a home as the only pet that doesn't live in a cage. Like I have geckos and he doesn't even notice them.

I just want him to have a home that will love him and take care of him for his whole life. To play with him and train him. Hes my dog I've had for 7 years now baby, he's my babies baby, and I love him so much, but it's too difficult to spend any one on one time with any of them with this many.

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