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Unknown Cat Breed


3 Years




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Lake Station, IN


Alphonse is Kiara’s little brother. Though they have never been close.

Alphonse enjoys 3 things:
And more food

Alphonse will cry for food and will cry to get into our bedroom when he wants cuddles. We love going back and forth with him when he is feeling chatty. “Aaall”
“Meow meow?!”

Alphonse is a good cuddle bug. He loves sleeping in cozy cat beds and enjoys fitting himself inside of empty water cases and bags.

Alphonse would do best in a 1-2 cat household. He does like to pick fights but he wasn’t like that when we only had 5 cats. I think he is just stressed and with less cats and more attention I believe he would thrive in that environment.

Alphonse seems to have a skin condition that makes his tail look greasy. I have taken him to the vet about it when we first took him in, however the vet said it was nothing to worry about. Unfortunately I do not have the means to continue taking him to different vets to find a proper diagnostic. His skin condition doesn’t seem to affect him aside from making him look dirty all the time.

Alphonse does not seem bothered by our dog Lady Maria. So I think he would do well in a home with a dog. However I have a feeling he wouldn’t care for kids,

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