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Siberian Husky


2 Years




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats
  • Children
  • Dogs



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • Regular Veterinary Visits/Care


Bloomingdale, IL


This is going to be a long message, but it's very important. Zaya (it means "bunny" in Russian) is my best friend in this entire world. I love him endlessly and this is the hardest decision I've ever made. I got Zaya when I was 19 living on my own and he was 4 months old. We did everything together, wherever I went, he went too. He'd go to the beach, hiking, roadtripping, stores, parks, etc. When I had to work - I would put him in daycare. From that upbringing, he has become well socialized and LOVES car rides. He also enjoys dog parks however he does get nervous around big dogs due to him being attacked a few times. He is still friendly though with dogs of all sizes. ~ Life has changed a lot from that time though. I currently do not have my own place, I am working full time and am also a full time student. It breaks my heart that this is my current situation but Zaya deserves better. I am looking for a family or someone who is patient, loving, and extremely physically active- he loves hikes, runs, being outside in all temperatures. He normally runs while I skate on my longboard! We walk for hours every day multiple times a day. I am also looking for someone who will make him a priority and can support him financially and emotionally. He loves puzzles, playing, he doesn't care for fetch but he loves to be chased. He does need a lot of attention and may need some extra training on certain habits of his. He can be a little mouthy when he needs to go potty or is feeling stressed. He is a big hugger so he will jump up to give hugs. I use a prong collar on walks so he doesn't really pull but can when he is in his harness. He is also very food motivated! He also knows lots of tricks. His commands are sit, paw, other paw, both paws, spin, lay, roll over, and of course- speak! He knows these in Russian as well. He responds well to commands if used with hand motions. Treats of all kinds are the way to his heart! He eats kibble/dry food. He will also come with all of his things. He loves cats but they don't like him, he is good around children but can be a bit too energetic (he doesn't realize how big he is.) Please only consider adopting him if you think you can give him the best possible life. He deserves the entire world.

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