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American Shorthair


0-1 Year




Small (< 20 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Cats



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


Greenville, SC


Meet Twice, a captivating female calico with a heart as colorful as her fur, and her cherished sister Toga. These inseparable sisters are on the lookout for their forever home, bringing with them a unique bond that adds an extra layer of warmth and charm.

Twice is not just a visual delight with her stunning coat; she is also a sweet and affectionate feline companion. Bonded with Toga, their connection is truly special, creating a dynamic duo that is ready to fill your home with love.

Twice is a social butterfly, thriving in the company of other cats. If you're a cat lover or already have furry friends at home, Twice and Toga are more than willing to join the feline family. Their friendly and adaptable nature ensures a harmonious coexistence in a multi-cat household.

Both Twice and Toga are spayed, making the adoption process a breeze for their future family. With their vaccines up to date, these sisters are not just charming but also healthy and vibrant, ready to bring joy and companionship to their new home.

If you're seeking a bonded pair that adds double the love to your life, consider welcoming Meet Twice and Toga into your home. Your heart and theirs could create a perfect match, marking the beginning of a beautiful journey together.

For inquiries or to meet Meet Twice and Toga, feel free to reach out. Your loving home might be the ideal setting for the next chapter in their heartwarming story!

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