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Siberian Husky


0-1 Year




Large (> 40 lbs.)

Can Live With

  • Children
  • Dogs
  • Older Children (12+)



Current on Vaccines


Specialized Care

  • None


renton, WA


Rehoming : Location - Renton, Washington

Please no harsh comments. We are hurt already

Due to unavoidable situation we have to rehome our puppy named Max. Max is a rescue who was known to be from Mexico. We adopted him when he was around 2.5 months hoping to keep him forever. Unfortunately my asthma became worse and even after medication im not able to bring it in control. Ive had shedding dogs before and havent had my allergies go up this high. i tried my best to take proper medication with a hope to keep Max forever but couldnt do it. We think this is the right time to find a forever home for him for the sake of Max.

Max is an absolutely sweet and adorable 6 months old male puppy, beleived to be born on april 7th or 17th. He is beleived to be husky mix. But i beleive he is a pure sibreian husky. He has beautiful blue eyes. He is upto date on vaccinations and flea shots. He is currently 42 lbs. Expected to be 50 lbs when fully grown. He loves to play with kids. But he might jump over, so not ideal for families with kids below 5. He is a very energetic dog who loves to go for walks/ runs. He is fully potty trained and crate trained (for sleep and nights) since 4 months. He is an escape artist so a definite monitoring is needed if not in crate. He understands commands like sit, stay, down, give me paw. But he could definitely use more training to control his puppy nibbles and more commands.

An ideal family will need to be willing to take him for active walks or runs. Please do a research about the breed if you are going to be a new husky owner. They are very active and need very good exercise. They need atleast 2 hours of exercise. A backyard with tall fence is mandatory. Should be willing to neuter him between 1-2 years old. Should be willing to keep up with his vaccinations. Big preference will be given to previous husky experience, Or someone who want to add Max to their pack. He has been in daycare for 3-4 times and they said he is good with other dogs. But i havent had a chance to personally introduce him to other dogs yet.

We love him a lot and will take time and make sure he goes to his forever home. He comes with many things like his large crate, two pet tie out cables, treats, leash, harness, nail clippers, nail buffers, food bowls, slow feeder, brush, de-shedding tool.

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