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My father passed late august leaving behind Spot. I haven’t been able to get a picture of him but I will post when I do.

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Sire was born on March 11, 2020. I only had him for 2 years as he was rescued the year of 2021. He has trauma issues as I was working with a trainer we discovered some. He’s very territorial and protects his owners at all costs. Knows some commands such as sit, lay down, paw, and high five. He is bathroom-trained using the pads. Doesn’t like strangers and needs socialization skills. When he gets comfortable he’s a sweetheart. Loves to play and chew on toys. Loves to run around.

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Simon is a 5 y.o neutered male cat. He is super sweet, energetic, and affectionate (when he warms up to you). I’ve had him since he was a kitten and he has only ever lived with me, my roommate, and my other cat who was adopted at the same time. He’s historically been an indoor/outdoor cat, but has been indoor-only for the past few years.

I’m looking to rehome Simon as he developed a spraying problem about two years ago. I’ve tried absolutely everything I can, including work with a behavioral specialist, but ultimately it seems like maybe he would be better suited with someone with a more permanent home and land for him to be outside, but with a space for him to retreat to and be warm. I believe he comes from a feral colony because he has phenomenal hunting instincts and would likely make a good mouser. I’ve done comprehensive tests through my vet to rule out medical causation for the spraying and he is in great health.

I really love this boy and want him to go to a home that is a perfect fit. He is mildly anxious and would not do well around dogs. I believe he would adapt to children and new cats if he was appropriately introduced.

I would really prefer not to rehome him, so if my situation changes in the next few years and I have better environment for him to thrive in, I may want to discuss re-adopting him at a later date.


El tiene 8 meses es muy juguetón con mucha energía, necesita visitas frecuentes al veterinario por causa de cuidados con su piel, es sordo

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