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Suzie Q

My name is Suzie Q and I want to live with someone who can love me. I love attention and giving hugs.


7 year old female tabby cat adopted from the Greenville Humane Society 3 years ago. She is an inside cat that is litter trained, but I let her adventure outside every once in a while and she explores for 20 minutes or so before coming back in. She keeps to herself for the most part and isn’t cuddly, but always greets me at the door and generally finds a spot to sleep in the room that I’m hanging out in. She can be skittish to guests and I’m not sure if she would do well with other animals, when I got her from the human society they said she was a bit anxious around the others. She has been a great companion to me living alone, but I am moving in with my fiancé and he is allergic. It will be sad to not have her greet me at the door every day, so it is important to me to find her a new home where she can provide companionship to someone else the way she did for me. I am currently traveling back and forth between the two homes as I am moving my stuff, but I will be putting my house on the market sometime in May and hope to find a home for her soon.


My son was driving on US1 in Lantana and saw Shadow, which I named and rescued him. Could not find anyone on facebook or pound looking for a lost dog. He is kind, loving but needs to be in a home with no other male dog. We have a 14yr old male pit that we adopted at your center. Shadow is very jealous of him and will not get along with him. We also have 2 cats. He needs a loving home. It is with deepest sadness that we can not keep him for the safety of our other dog Brinks and the cats. I wish we could figure out a way for it to work. He deserves a loving family as he has gone thur alot already.


Biscuit is a very sweet and loving boy. He is almost 2 years old and is a lab mix. He is full of energy and loves to run! Biscuit loves all people and will greet everyone with a wagging tail. He knows basic commands like sit, lay down, stay, and shake. However, he still does need some work with training and obedience. Biscuit is potty trained, but still has an occasional accident. He needs a home where is the ONLY pet, as he does not do well with his current cat and dog siblings. He needs a home that has the ability to give him the time, exercise, and attention that he needs. A home with a fenced in yard would work the best for his high energy level.

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