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Marcy, Hambo & Wizard

3 ~8month old female rat sisters. They are healthy, playful, sweet and smart with funny unique personalities. They snuggle, groom & play with each other. They love treats of fresh fruit & veggies. They love to explore, dig & forage. They are semi litter box trained & don’t go to the bathroom while out of their cage. Rats make great pets. I’m sad to re home them but am moving onto a boat where they wouldn’t have adequate space or temperature regulation.

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Meet Jax, he is a 5 year old kiddo who is in need of his own person. He is up to date on vaccines, neutered, and on heartworm preventative. He is good with dogs, cats, horses, and people. He is potty trained and crate trained. He LOVES to swim so having a pool is a bonus for him! He is happy to be lazy or happy to be out hiking.


Nacho is very active! He loves to play fetch and is very friendly with people and dogs. Nacho loves to cuddle and take naps belly up. He is great to be around and a goof ball that will keep you smiling for ever!

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Otti is a happy boy, he loves; to play, to go on walks or hike, to go to the doggy park, and most importantly to cuddle. He does well with kids but usually better with ones over 6, hyperactive kids can make him nervous. He can get lonely and requires a good amount of attention and affection. Makes a good lap dog. He is not an outside dog and gets cold easy so usually wears sweaters or cuddles under blankets. He can be vocal. Overall, he is very active and happy and is a great companion. Gets along really well with other dogs and likes to cuddle with them too. Gets a bit intimidated with really big dogs though. Otti just loves to be loved

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