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Mystery is a 2 year old playful kitty. She loves other cats and dogs(especially dogs). She loves chasing her laser and eating as many treats as possible. I rescued her as a kitten with her eyes barely open and bottle-fed her back to health. She’s been loving and thankful ever since. She loves to snuggle and be as close to you as possible. She’ll even lick you clean to show her appreciation.


Max is a very sassy adorable holland lop. He is about 4 years old. He is very good with dogs and kids. Max is a free-roam bunny meaning he has access to the whole house 24/7. We prefer he is rehomed into a home where he is not in a cage all day.

(Home To Home is a platform that connects pet owners with interested adopters or fosters who are responsible for obtaining and verifying the pet’s medical and behavioral history. The pets featured are not at Friends of the Burlington County Animal Shelter and we do not verify the accuracy of the information)


Panther was born in late July. The smallest and quietest of his litter but still playful and affectionate. He is litterbox trained and has done well with my children and dogs. He seems to have an infection causing gunk around his eyes but he is eating, playing, sleeping, and going potty like normal.


Precious was born in late July, the only female in her litter. She is quite playful and has done well with my children and dogs. She is litterbox trained.

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