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Mac loves to cuddle and play and will keep you wa at night. I am fostering this wonderful pup. Found him on the streets he wondered to my hotel. He is neutered, shots are up to date, and chipped. He is lovable smart friendly, playful with lots of good energy. Also house trained and knows basic commands. Great dog for a loving family good with children and other dogs.


Rosemary is a female doodle. Mom is a golden doodle and dad is a golden mountain doodle. She is well mannered and is good with other dogs and kids. She is 6 months old


Bubba is 8 months old, a yard would be ideal. He is a high energy puppy. He knows how to sit, speak, roll over, lay down, hes well behaved. Hes very social and gets along great with other dogs. Hes super playful too.


Trip is a German Sheppard Lab, he is 10months old he loves kids, doesn’t mind cats, but likes to eat chickens, so don’t recommend those unless properly trained, he knows a lot of commands, but he truly needs more attention, and more training.

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