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This is Loba. She is the sweetest and most playful girl you’ll ever meet. She’s a little shy/protective at first when meeting someone new, but she warms up really quickly. I’ve had Loba since she was five weeks old and she’s been with me through so much in just the three years she’s been on this world. She loves being outdoors and she’ll hold her paw out to anyone she becomes comfortable with. She is good with older children, cats and other dogs.


Apollo is a very loving cat. He has a calm demeanor and usually just likes to take naps all day. He also enjoys play and trying to receive attention whenever possible! He does well with other animals but will hide for a while when new people or animals are around. If you give him a few days he will warm up to you and other animals.


Sophia is so sweet! She is calm and affectionate. She sleeps often and she is playful at times. Shes never been mean. She doesn’t like being around other animals; she hisses and runs away but she will never become aggressive.


King is a super spoiled, love bug. He is shy at first but once he warms up to you he will give you all the kisses. He is great with kids and is kennel trained. He is mostly good with other animals; he has been with cats and a female dog, but he’s not a fan of other non-fixed males.

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