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Luna is a 5 year old Boxer. She is energetic, goofy, and incredibly sweet and loving. Luna loves children and other dogs. Luna is fixed, potty trained and has basic obedience skills. We only need to rehome Luna because of my small child’s asthma and allergies.


We found Chestnut as a young adult 14 years ago when she meowed at us from under a car. We fell in love with her and invited her inside. She hasn’t wanted to go back outside since! She loves people, sunbaths, treats, and lounging next to us on the couch. She’s gorgeous and very healthy. Sadly, Chestnut has always been fearful around our other cats. We don’t want her to have to live in a separate room in order to avoid our other cats, but she‘s stressed when she’s around them and even more so as she gets older. She would definitely be happier to lead a relaxed and cozy life with humans as an only cat. She seems perfectly comfortable with dogs, though she has only experienced them on short visits. It breaks our heart to part with her, but we want her to lead her best life and she just can’t when there are other cats around. She is otherwise easy going and a very faithful companion!

Nakia Siku/ AKA/Buddy

Buddy is approximately eight yrs. Old, a husky/malamute mix, we rescued him five and half years ago.
He’s a wonderful boy, he’s loving, he loves hugs!
He loves the dog park and is well socialized. Has had 2 husky sisters he has gotten along with fine always.
He’s protective of his purple and property.
We love him very much.
The issue is not Buddy, unfortunately my husband had a stroke, neither of us are able to hold Buddy on leash.
It’s not fair to him he needs walks and exercise.


Rosemary is a female doodle. Mom is a golden doodle and dad is a golden mountain doodle. She is well mannered and is good with other dogs and kids. She is 6 months old

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