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She’s is a two month old puppy, who is shy but playful, she is very smart as she just started to learn basic commands :), she is getting potty trained to know when she needs to go use the restroom.


Looking for a safe and loving home for our Yorkiepoo! Bailey would thrive in a household with a yard, and with folks who have a ton of energy to keep up with her! We’ve had Bailey since she was 8 weeks old, however due to life changes – relocating to a home without a yard, and working full time – we’ve realized that we simply can’t force her to acclimate to our means of life changes. Bailey can be a picky eater and grazes on her food, but Mudbays food samples allows us to give her a variety of foods to each periodically, which she loves.
Bailey absolutely loves to cuddle, going on walks, has the best time with kids, doesn’t bark excessively but only when she hears/notices something out of the ordinary pops up. She is potty trained, has all of her shots/flea and tick prevention too.
She gets along very well with other dogs, constantly so excited to meet new pups and any human she comes across! She’s got energy for days and days 🙂

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He is a very needy dog, constantly needs attention. He can only eat kibble, he will vomit almost all other foods. He hates water and car rides. He likes opening gifts and is very high maintenance (hence why I named him prince). He loves his bed and playing with his toys. He will bark at almost anything but isn’t aggressive.

He is a beautiful dog with some behavior issues I am no longer able to help him with.


Want to find a new home for Leah where she can be loved and nurtured and cared for. I’m a full time student and working so I can’t give her all the attention and love that she needs and am hoping to find someone who does.

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