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Theodore (Teddy)

Teddy will be 1 in October, he is an energetic puppy who loves to run around and play! He loves playing with his little humans and get along with other dogs and cats. He is a fun little ball of fur with so much energy and love to give! He doesn’t like to be left alone much but is kennel trained. We haven’t had any success with getting him potty trained so he needs someone who can take the time and patience to work with him on that.


Cute Yorkie or Australian terrier blend. One ear up, one down, tongue sticks out. Likes to take naps on the couch with you or lays at my feet when I am at the desk or table. Doesn’t require walking, he resists going for a walk on a lease and when he goes out to the bathroom, he comes right back to the door to come in.

I adopted Nigel from a shelter in August 2020. He is neutered, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vaccines. Was just at the vet for an annual appointment in August 2023 and had senior blood work done … all results were good. Had a dental cleaning with some teeth removed 2 years ago. Got along with another dog in our home, who was a 45-pound senior dog that passed away last year. No children in the house, so we’re not aware of his compatibility with children. He barks a good deal, “announces’ neighbor dog in the yard, barks when he thinks it is time for feeding, etc. Has food aggression and has increased nipping when anxious (such as during grooming or when I try to pick him up when another dog or person is near him) in the past year.

My husband and I have both developed some mobility issues and have difficulty dealing with movement on the floor, under our feet at times. Have tripped over him. I also have difficulty working with him when he is nipping and nervous.

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Leo is a yorkie x chihuahua mix. He is very sweet but sadly recently he has become aggressive towards my cats. He has been with my friend ever since to test to see how he is in a single pet home. In which he has proven to be better in a single pet home. He is a very good boy and loves to cuddle, he has food allergies but I have the food that he eats that he is good with! He is a very great companion and I hate to see him go. He loves going on hikes and exploring! We hate to see him go but we know it would be better for him.

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Luna is a VERY sweet small dog who loves cuddles, belly rubs, and playtime. We recently brought her home from a shelter where she was not living in the best conditions, but unfortunately we won’t be able to keep her for the long term. While it saddens us to have to find her a new home, we know for a fact this loving doggy will brighten a new home just as she has brightened ours.

We believe she is a yorkie-terrier mix, one year old and approximately 8 pounds.

She is spayed, potty trained, and learned to sleep in her playpen very quickly. She listens to instructions and is easy to train — she’s a very fast learner. She plays and interacts well with other dogs, but can be a little feisty when she’s on a leash and sees stranger dogs. She has not interacted with kids during her time with us, but we think she’d be great in a home with kids due to her very playful and cuddly nature.

The #1 thing you should know about Luna is that she LOVES humans. And she will bring lots of love to her new home.

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