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Agnes is a sweet natured doggie who loves a cuddle. Agnes knows sit and stay. Bonded pair with our dog Dolores.


This is Bentley he’s very sweet love cuddles an walks not to big on car rides he’s very shy for the first few days and yells whenever I leave the house doesn’t do well with other animals

Gryffin (Gryffy)

We are heartbroken to rehome Gryffin. He is a sweet dog who is 100% loving to human beings and joyfully retrieves a ball. Gryff is 5 years old, 65 pounds, blond terrier hair, completely house trained, nondestructive indoors. We love Gryff, and yet we realize our home is not what he truly needs. Gryff was a shelter dog, and experienced trauma from other dogs there. As a consequence, he is aggressive/reactive to other dogs. While he tolerates our older dog, it has become clear that he would be better off in a house where he was the only dog. In addition, we live near a park where lots of dogs go, which pushes Gryffy into feeling unsafe. We have been unable to keep our gate reliably locked, and Gryff has escaped into the neighborhood and is a menace to other dogs. He has injured a couple other dogs, and when we had to break up the fight he accidentally hurt the person breaking up the dog fight. With dedicated training and attention of a child-free household farther from a busy dog park, Gryff could learn to obey commands and go for leashed walks with his person/people. During the pandemic, we taught Gryff several commands and tricks so we know he has the capacity. We did go through professional training for reactive dogs in 2019, but he needs more attention than we have time for. We will only consider rehoming our sweet Gryffin into a loving home with no other dogs, no children, a fenced yard, and a person with dog experience.

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