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Akala was born 3/30/2020. She is loving and sweet, and extremely smart. She loves to eat and go for runs. She has always lived with another male white German shepherd. She is not spayed as her family was waiting for her to be hormonally mature before spaying. Unfortunately nature had other plans. She and the male companion were both scheduled to be neutered/spayed at the same time and then Akala went into heat one last time. The two broke thru a door and linked up. Fortunately Akala and the male were not related and she mothered a beautiful accidental litter of 11 pure white German shepherd puppies and all the puppies found good homes. However, the owners living situation has to change due to various reasons. So Akala is looking for a good home.

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Woof! Hi! I’m a 4-month-old black German Shepherd with a heart full of love and a tail that can’t stop wagging! I might not know all the fancy words humans use, but I do know that I’m looking for a special family to call my own and a place to call my forever home!
I’ve got a shiny coat and a heart bursting with loyalty. Playtime? Count me in. Cuddles? I’m your furry heater. I might be small, but my love knows no bounds. If you’re ready for a lifetime of adventures and tail wags, let’s meet up. My paws are crossed, hoping to find the perfect match. Let’s make memories together!
I come with my first set of shots and vaccinations. I feel so sad that due to the nature of my dads work , he has to get me a new home . I’ll be picky on the type of home that needs me

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Echo is a rescue that we adopted 6 months ago from the Sacramento SPCA. She is a playful dog that is very loving to family members and likes to play catch, run, and play tug of war. She is fully potty trained, does not have accidents, and is also crate trained. She would love to have some property to run around on, since she is a breed of Shepherd. Unfortunately she is also a really good “guard dog” which is not what we were looking for. The longer she has lived with us, the more protective she has become to our house, property and the immediate family members who live at home. Unfortunately she is very aggressive with strangers, even family members who don’t live with us, when they come over, so we always have to put her away in her crate. She needs someone who can train her to identify what people are okay and which are not. We do not have the skills to do this. She would never harm our family but she is so aggressive with strangers that we are worried about her biting anyone who doesn’t live with us. If you are looking for a guard dog, look no further! We think she is so protective because she loves us so much and wants to make sure no harm comes to us. We just don’t know how to teach her that our returning college age kids are also part of the family and should be loved as well. If you have a background in training dogs or are looking for a guard dog, she is the one for you! She is approximately 45 pounds and will do anything for food but also does not usually chew things she’s not supposed to and is good at sticking to her chew toys and doesn’t get into trouble very often like most puppies usually do. She’s actually a great dog and we’re sad to see her go, but with grandchildren on the way we feel we aren’t able to keep her.


He is a great dog he is just causing my allergies to be severe and I’m disabled and in a wheelchair and he’s pulling me on the leash I cannot take care of him and he’s a great dog he needs a good home. ASAP I cannot take care of him.

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