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Luna is about 2 years old, spayed Corgi/Dachshund mix. She had all rounds of vaccinations(only for one year) about 3 months after she was born. She has a litter mate, Athena who has also been given the same treatments.

I have owned her since she was weaned off of her mother at 8 weeks, she is a very gentle and submissive girl that gets along with dogs, cats, and children. However she gets her confidence from her sister and when alone, she can be very scared, skiddish and fearful.

She understands basic commands while leash trained and is potty trained.

I have her registered as my emotional support animal to keep me calm under stress, she helps me with day to day tasks and I pet her to calm my nerves. She loves having a pillow to herself to lay on.


Athena, about 2 years old Corgi/Dachshund mix that I have raised since weaned off of her mother at about 8 weeks.
She is spayed, had 1 year of shots after birth and is absolutely full of life.
She came with her littermate, Luna and gives all of her confidence to her sister, together they are two peas in a pod.
She gets along really well with other dogs, cats, small children and adult children.

I have her registered as my emotional support animal to keep me on a schedule, she helps me with day to day tasks and loves to cuddle under blankets.

She is leash and potty trained, and understands basic movement commands.


Chloe is such a sweet heart. She takes a lot of warming up to new people but once you are shaken down, she will run into your arms to play tug of war and fetch with her favorite rope. She suffers anxiety from abuse she was undertaken as a puppy and requires some tender love. As long as you are patient, she will love you with her entire heart.


Otis is a cardigan/pembroke corgi mix . He’s currently 7 months old , he’s very chill and listens to you . He’s crate and potty trained as well . He loves attention and sometimes likes to cuddle . A treat will definitely capture his attention. He likes to watch Bluey sometimes . When you let him out to use the bathroom he’ll do his business all at once but he would appreciate a walk as well . He’s great with kids as well and kids often do love to play and cuddle with him .

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