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Sully (Sullivan) is an AKC registered corgi. He’s been in our family since he was six weeks old. He’s extremely smart and is always thinking up ways to get more food. We have lots of funny Sully stories of him outsmarting us and ending up with a big feast. We have a small grandchild who comes to our home for childcare. Sully has shown signs of resource guarding, so we’ve had to keep him completely separate to ensure the safety of our grandson. It’s not a the best situation for anyone. We feel Sully would benefit from a home with adults who understand his needs and can give him attention and love.


-dachshund corgi german shepherd mix
-dog is very sweet, affectionate, loyal, calm.
-walks well on leashes
-knows basic commands
-is house broken and crate trained, only issue is -occasionally still poops and pees in the house


We have a charming and healthy 4 months old Corgi puppy who is in search of a new home. This little boy already completed his two shots, deworming, and a thorough physical check-up. Our puppy boasts a stunning tri color coat that adds to his irresistible charm. He is a bundle of energy, cuddles, and affection, and we believe he will make a wonderful companion for a family that truly loves dogs and has ample time to dedicate to his care. He is expected to grow to 15-20 lbs. He is also non-shedding and non-allergenic, making him a perfect fit for families in need of a companion dog that won’t trigger allergies. Our puppy is already potty and home trained, which will make the transition into his new home much easier for both him and his new family. He thrives on love, attention, and playtime. He adores human company and is happiest when engaged in fun activities. If you can provide a nurturing and loving environment, along with the necessary care, training, and exercise he deserves, our puppy will bring endless joy to your family. We are seeking a responsible and committed family who understands the responsibilities that come with owning a puppy. It’s important that you have the time and availability to devote to his training, socialization, and overall well-being. If you believe you can offer a loving home to our adorable puppy, please reach out to us on home-home site and tell us why you’ll be a good fit for him . Thanks!


Rosie is a 4-month-old. She is a miniature poodle, corgi, and German shepherd mix. She is such a sweet girly. Dob 5/3/23. She is up to date on vaccines. She loves to be outside, but should probably have a fenced yard. We love her and this is hard to do, but my husband never had a dog before and this was our first and we have come to realize that he is allergic. He tried going to his doctor and has done all he can do, but unfortunately, nothing has helped. If not for this we would be keeping her.

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