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Hi, This is Gunner! He’s the sweetest boy. We’ve had him for about 4mo He’s been neutered and up to date on all vaccines and treated for heartworms. Housebroken and leash trained also knows basic commands. “Sit,stay,lay,wait.” He needs a decent yard with space to play Gets along with other dogs pls message for details


We bought Lilly from a breeder back in April 2023, things started out OK, but once she got accustomed, we started to notice behavioral issues and problems with house-training. Lilly has biting/nipping habits, as well as, trouble holding in her urine during the day when left home alone in her crate and occasional light aggression.
Lilly seems to have separation anxiety and cannot contain herself when left home alone, however, she can hold it in fine when sleeping overnight; occasionally she needs to be let out, usually around 3am.
Lilly is not spayed but has had all her mandatory shots including rabies. Unfortunately, as much as we like Lilly, we just do not have the free time to give her the attention that she needs and deserves.
Lilly is a beautiful dog, but she has some emotional issues, and because of these issues, she needs constant supervision most of the day. She will often urinate in her crate during the day if left there alone. Many trainers and vets have told us this is abnormal. Most dogs naturally will not soil their den, but Lilly does it all the time. This is why she will need someone home with her during the day, so she can be let out to urinate. I wish we could do it, but we both work full time 8-9 hours per day.

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Hopper will be 2 on February 14th
He’s very high energy when excited but mostly likes to snuggle and is a hardcore velcro dog. He has some issues with separation anxiety and also has some skin and ear issues that I haven’t been able to treat due to financial hardships.


Gunner is such a loving companion looking for a Great family with a yard and space. We adopted him approx 4 months ago needing heartworm treatment and vet care. he’s now up to date on all vaccines and a healthy boy. Unfortunately we will be traveling with work and won’t be able to provide the stable loving home he deserves. He’s leash trained and gets along with other dogs as well. He knows several commands and is eager please and intelligent. He has some minor behaviors that will need to be addressed with counter surfing and snatching food. We are looking for a home willing to provide training and patience with a loving environment

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