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Snickers (and Buddy)

Snickers is a bit of free thinker but ultimately goes along with the program with a bit of encouragement or cajoling. There’s an affectionate streak but typically on Snickers’ terms.

He’s always happy to alert everyone that there’s someone or something going on outside.

His lifelong partner in crime, Buddy, is also posted here. Both are well crate-trained.

Has been a terrific companion to a parent who is no longer able to provide care due to health.


She’s a 9 month old French Bulldog mixed breed. She was gifted to my family when she was first born, however she didn’t come with any documents so I can’t confirm what breed she’s mixed with. We have given her one set of shots when she was about 4-5 months old. We have recently relocated and can no longer care for pets. Snow is a loving dog that is sure to brighten up anyone’s day, she loves attention.


Kylo is very high energy and loves to play fetch. He loves to run but does get a little nippy but never aggressive. He likes kids and people. He plays with other dogs well though again does get nippy. He has some resource guarding behaviors and could use a safe house that has experience with this and is willing to help with training. He may also do better as an only dog though he does love to cuddle. He can be timid around men and honestly anyone but is sweet and loving. He needs exercise and room to run with a high activity family. He’s also cute as a button.

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Hi my name Daisy I am 8 years old my mom says am a very good girl. I love to go on walks and love to cuddle along with belly ribs of course. I am 8 years old and have never been sick I’m a very health dog I do have all my vaccinations. I love to play with kid, I’m good with cats and I’ve been attacked but other dogs and the past so I’m a little nervous around other fur babies like me but I have never bitten another dog. My mom has been very sad she tells me it’s because we had lost our home recently and the nice lady that was watching me the landlord said she can keep me because shared ventilation and the lady up stairs is allergic, an my mom is leaving for Alberta on September 30 and where she is going they won’t allow me, so hear we are a week away trying to find me a forever home that my mom says they will love me just as much I hate being home alone and cries most of the day when I am so I’m best with people who are home most days can u please help me and my mom so she can stop crying

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