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Meet Boone, a lovable boy in need of a caring home. Boone, estimated to be around two years old, was rescued from the streets in a dire condition, but with love and care, he’s now thriving – well-fed, neutered, and fully vaccinated. However, despite my affection for him, as a full-time graduate student and worker with limited financial resources, I’ve realized that I cannot provide Boone with the life he deserves. Thus, I’m seeking a loving home where he can flourish.

Boone is affectionate and craves attention. He’s particularly eager to please and gets along famously with other dogs and children. While he’s made significant progress in his indoor potty training, he may still have occasional accidents if given too much water and has a tendency to explore the trash when not crated. Speaking of which, he’s crate trained and manages separation well, although he may display some initial anxiety when parted from his closest companions.

If you have the time, space, and love to give, please consider welcoming Boone into your home. He’s a wonderful companion who deserves the best. If interested, please reach out via email or text. Thank you for considering giving Boone the loving home he deserves

Boone loves:
-Car rides
-Scratches and cuddles
-His kong
-Couch life
-Hanging outside in the sun

-Bath time
-Being ignored

Boone does not beg, as he’s never had people food before! He understands all basic commands such as:
-Leave it
-Load up (get into the car)

When feeding Boone he will run into his crate, and sit there until you say “Free!” And then he knows he is allowed to eat.


Boomer is an American Foxhound and Treeing Walker Coonhound. He is ~5-6 years old. Originally from South Carolina as a stray. Rescued in Connecticut. Our family has grown and now has a 1 year old son. Boomer needs more attention than unfortunately we can give him. Fenced in yards are a plus for Boomer. He loves to snuggle most of the day away too if you let him. Would do better in a home with older children just for an attention perspective. Loves food, very food motivated.


She is a 6-7 year old Tennessee Walker that was rescued from a barn as a very small puppy (around 6 weeks old). She is a very sweet, loving dog that is very good with children. Due to a drastic change in my living situation I must re-home her as soon as possible to give her the best life I can. Local shelters are at capacity and I don’t want to consider less desirable options.


Nala has returned to us after we adopted her out as a puppy two years ago.

My husband and I can’t have a third dog right now, so she is available for adoption!

Nala is a *very* sweet two year old coonhound mix (we have a DNA test for her!). She’s around 40 – 50 lbs. In the few days we’ve had her, her favorite thing to do is cuddle on the couch and sleep by me while I’m working. I think she may do very well in a non-active household, though I’m sure she would also enjoy going on adventures with her favorite person. She absolutely loves attention and getting all snuggled up with you while watching a movie. Just the biggest love bug dog I’ve met in a long time.

Shortlist of things that either the previous owner has said, and/or that I’ve observed:

– She’s great with cats; she errs on the side of cautious/fearful of them, which means she gives them tons of space, pretty much ignores them, and doesn’t chase them.
– She is crate trained.
– Once adjusted, she can be left outside of her crate while home alone and is non-destructive.
– She adores pretty much all people. She has attached herself to me, but she loves my husband as well.

Why was she surrendered?
Nala unfortunately started showing aggression to the previous owners other dogs, and they could no longer control the behavior. Nala is doing fine with my two huskies, but I have observed that she lacks confidence around other dogs and initially prefers to be left alone. She is warming up to my dogs quickly, and while we had a bit of a rocky start (growling and snapping), there have been no fights. She acts submissive to them and she has started play bowing with them after just a couple of days. Overall, the house is quite peaceful at the moment.

Nala shows possessiveness or resource guarding, typical of a dog who hasn’t been trained out of that behavior. The “resources” I’ve observed her guarding so far are sleeping locations (like the couch) and people. That behavior leads to aggression towards other dogs. The resource guarding is only directed at other dogs; she has not once growled at me for anything, not even when I needed to take a treat out of her mouth.

So, what kind of home would Nala do best in?
– The easiest solution is that Nala may do best as an only dog.
– Alternatively, she can go to a family that understands dog behavior, and is willing to work with Nala to increase her confidence and reduce her resource guarding so that she can live peacefully with other dogs.

Even as an only dog, Nala will need training to ensure she can safely be around other dogs in various situations you may want to put her in, such as walking down the street with other dogs around, taking her out in public where there may be other dogs, boarding her in a doggie daycare, etc.

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