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Jax is a 10 lb. Chihuahua mix. He has a temper but can be controlled with love and firm voice.


Banner is crate trained and house broken. Comes from a home with two kids and I got him when my kids were two and five, so he is good with young kids as well. He is good with cats.

I got divorced and live alone in an apartment. Banner has to be in his crate most days and sometimes nights. I’m nervous walking him in the dark by myself. I can tell he is not happy in his cage so much. So i want him to find a new home with people who have more time for him.


Royal is an incredibly sweet and adventurous terrier mix who I originally adopted from Pima Animal Care Center when he was about 8 months old. He has been a most precious friend and enjoys everyone I’ve seen him meet, including kids. Most folks comment on his bright and expressive eyes. I especially love Royal’s transformation from a wild haired ruffian to a handsome and sleek silver fox after a groom! Royal was named after the Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums.

He is extremely playful, well-socialized, and basic training. Royal is smart, catches onto training quickly, and holds onto it without practice. Our trainer often used him as an example during classes or a calm dog for reactive dogs’ training. Royal loves giving kisses to noses, and especially those at his height. He is excited when people come around, but calms down quickly and tends to be independent after initial greetings. Royal accepts treats and food gently from all ages.

He spends most of his day alone and does not live within our home. He is a relentless hunter and catches many lizards and birds. He gets a very specific look in his eye when he believes he sees something to chase! He loves to bound and pounce within tall grass and native plants. He is extremely athletic and strong—would be a great working dog! He does love to relax; especially laying out on his back against a brick wall to sun his tummy in the mornings.

I am looking to rehome Royal because he has exceeded my ability to give him an active and joyful life. He has been an outside dog who lives in a renovated shed/tiny house and up until recently had the full yard. He spends too much time alone without proper stimulation and deserves to be snuggled with his family, not caged away.


Lena is a young energetic yet shy doggy her birthday is September 28, 2022. Lena is friendly and loves to play outdoors, Lena is good with children and is housebroken. Due to Lena’s shyness she does not do well with other dogs (unless tiny dogs) but loves to give cuddles and kisses, Lena has never been around cats/kittens or other types of small animals aside from fish or caged geckos.

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